Double Negative


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Alara Reborn Uncommon

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Double Negative


Counter up to two target spells.

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Double Negative Discussion

Neotrup on Can Pyromancer's Goggles copy Flying ...

1 month ago

Yes. The spell is a red instant or sorcery. It happens to be a multicolor instant with the colors being red, white, and blue. Followup question: Why does it matter? The benifits are that having two copies of the spell will make it harder to counter (Double Negative or Counterflux would still make short work of it) and that if both resolve you'll untap your creatures twice, allowing you to tap them between the resolutions for tap abilities. Both flying and doublestrike are redundant with multiple instances though, so you won't be dealing extra damage or anything.

DemonDragonJ on Duel Decks: Mind versus Might

1 month ago

In Jhoira's deck, I would like to see Suffocating Blast reprinted, since it never has been, thus far. Also, Counterflux, Double Negative, Electrolyze, and Prophetic Bolt would all be nice, because they are all very awesome cards that woudl work well with her.

I imagine that Lovisa's deck shall contain plenty of warriors, barbarians, and berserkers, so Berserkers of Blood Ridge would make perfect sense, as would Raging Goblin and Goblin Striker. It also would be nice to see Lightning Bolt or Stone Rain reprinted, since they have not been reprinted in some time, as well.

KroggandMohawk on Two's Company (Akiri + Silas)

4 months ago

Key to the City seems like it would be more than fitting in a deck like this. Since a fifth of your deck is creatures, I might consider taking out Narset since she might exile some of your more relevant creatures. I would try and refine my Sunforger package. Maybe put a couple counter spells like Absorb or Double Negative in for some control magic. Maybe take out some of the less relevant enchantments since you're trying to get damage due to artifacts out of Akri and value out of artifacts due to Silas. What's your budget looking like for this deck? I can suggest some more stuff but it's more in the 15-20 dollar range.

hardhitta71194 on Izzmatic

4 months ago

Yeah I like it!

Right now I'm trying to decide what to replace Double Negative with. Mana Leak is good but can be stopped, Counterflux costs one more but doesn't have the "unless controller pays" and it can't be countered.

hardhitta71194 on Izzmatic

4 months ago

I was thinking the same thing about Double Negative. Mana Leak or Counterflux would be good.

All the others look awesome too, I'll see what I can change when I get home. I had Preordain in it before, I'll change back to it or maybe to Brainstorm or Ponder.

I appreciate the Upvote and suggestions greatly man! I'm trying to make this the best deck I've built. And I will check out your deck for sure.

Do you think I should keep x3 Goblin Electromancer or replace him with Wee Dragonauts, I like the goblin but he doesn't effect that much in the deck.

Feltrix on Izzmatic

4 months ago

I think that there aren't enough situations where Double Negative is useful to put it in this deck, I suggest replacing that with Mana Leak. Also, Anticipate, Telling Time, Preordain, Serum Visions, Brainstorm, and Ponder would all make great replacements for Divination (I think that's all.) Also, one can never go wrong with Thing in the Ice  Flip or Delver of Secrets  Flip. I have a very similar deck, Lightning, Explosions, and More!, and would love your thoughts.

RaficoCastilloQ on R/U Wizards deck

5 months ago

Hi everyone.

I'm trying to build a wizard tribal deck with the cards I own, focused around Docent of Perfection  Flip and Sigil Tracer The cards listed here are the ones I want to use, still have to filter them before uploading a built deck. Please help me with ideas (any combo you see among the cards I propose???). Keeping it budget or zero purchase is the main goal.

The cards are:

2 Docent of Perfection  Flip

2 Sigil Tracer

2 Jori En, Ruin Diver

3 Descendant of Soramaro

2 Stonybrook Banneret

4 Inspired Sprite

3 Stonybrook Angler

4 Prodigal Pyromancer

2 Fallowsage

4 Puppeteer

2 Waterspout Weavers

4 Ink Dissolver

2 Dakra Mystic

4 Sparkmage Apprentice

4 Voidmage Husher

2 Exultant Cultist

2 Glen Elendra Archmage

2 Omenspeaker

2 Stroke the Flames

2 Bolt of Keranos

3 Wild Slash

2 Sudden Impact

3 Mana Leak

3 Shock

3 Sage's Dousing

2 Quicken

4 Containment Membrane

3 Dream Fracture

2 Double Negative

3 Stream of Unconsciousness

4 Counsel of the Soratami

3 Cancel

2 Hands of Binding

4 Sleep

Emzed on So many colors. Odric Double Strike

7 months ago

Wow, nice idea, but this needs a lot of work. Firstly, Double Negative should not be in this deck. It's very tough to cast, has no synergy at all with your cards, and you have so many creatures to tap out for on your turn, you will never want to leave open mana for it. Further, in order for this whole thing to work, your plan should be curving out, which requires 4-8 spells you can cast on turn 1, and probably twice as many for turn 2. Chromatic Lantern is too slow to fix your mana, you will fare better with Birds of Paradise, Ancient Ziggurat, City of Brass, Sylvan Caryatid.
Personally, i don't like the color blue in combination with Odric all that much, black has much more to offer: Vampire Nighthawk, Gurmag Swiftwing, Spike Jester, Glissa, the Traitor, Cairn Wanderer (provides redundancy), Soulflayer (more redundancy). You could also think about ging full five colors and add Chromanticore.

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