Enchantment based pillow-fort Voltron deck.

This deck can 1 shot someone out of nowhere. Flickerform is the MVP here, Vanishing comes in second for keeping Geist alive through wipes. Try to keep enough mana out with Serra's Sanctum to protect Geist. Early game I like to enchant creatures in hand as chances are you'll be board wiped, then when you have the mana play Geist and possibly Replenish, Retether, or Open the Vaults for a surprise attack.

People will try to kill Geist. There are plenty of tricks to keep him out such as his native hexproof, totem armor, Angelic Shield, Indestructibility, sac prevention, and graveyard recursion. When you can, keep mana set aside for vanishing or to flicker.

Flickerform on a Sun Titan is great with Commander's Sphere or Aura of Silence. Use Wayfarer or Ex-Map to grab Sanctum. If your opening hand contains a draw creature, play that instead of Geist so you can draw into graveyard enchantment/aura recursion and answers.

Not interested in Sundial.

See .5 for my artifact equipment voltron deck.


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Should I swap out the 4 cantrip cards for the maybe board list?


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