Invocation of Saint Traft


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Rare

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Invocation of Saint Traft

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature has "Whenever this creature attacks, put a 4/4 white Angel creature token with flying onto the battlefield tapped and attacking. Exile that token at the end of combat."

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Invocation of Saint Traft Discussion

Squirrelbacon on Tempo Americana

4 days ago

That is true, a Invocation of Saint Traft is not the big guy himself. I'm just curious I think more from a flavor standpoint, as I think it was a flavor hit from Shadows/Innistrad. Especially if you follow with the stories, very neat card!

Also, for the record, you have to get the good Geist of Saint Traft, the duel deck foils are gross lol. (If you like them keep them, I just am not a fan of that set of them------Completely personal choice, I just had to say it as I feel strongly on this card!)

haberdashdsgn on Tempo Americana

4 days ago

Squirrelbacon Thank you so much! I'm definitely going to try my one of Chandra, Torch of Defiance and test it out with Vendilion Clique. I'll let you know how it goes.

As for Invocation of Saint Traft, I think it's a bit slow and not sure how it would help the tempo. Since we don't have Gitaxian Probe or something to see if we can fire off, I'd rather not go too aggressive and leave my mana up to play things on their turn. A Snap + Bolt end of turn is more fruitful in my experience. Might be worth a test, I just feel it's a tad slow.

Squirrelbacon on Tempo Americana

1 week ago

In my personal experience, you want both Chandra, Torch of Defiance and Vendilion Clique in this list somewhere. I'd recommend going to 3 Cryptic Command to fit in the Vendilion Clique, and then I'd swap Gideon for the Chandra.

I feel you could also safely go down the 3 Spell Queller. High ceiling, low floor for potential with the card... can be a bit awkward at times in hand as you know it will just die anyway at least half the time. Maybe that's how you could fit in the one Vendilion Clique.

How do you feel about Invocation of Saint Traft...? I used to hate how it looked, but now I am curious.

ZorrosRage on Hot Traft on Traft Action

3 months ago

Imprisoned in the MoonDoesn't work with Tallowisp

Oppressive Rays is great for slowing down and stops the new creature combos

Invocation of Saint Traft I don't think is really needed

Mistveil Plains can recycle your enchantments

Path to Exile always a good removal

Shadowdarkraity on Spirits From The Bright Sun to The Dark Ocean

4 months ago



Ok so I was playtesting with different versions of the decks seeing what each did really good, and what they did that didn't hold its weight. So I did find some things but I decided to ask you about a couple things.

First, I want to make sure that I am keeping within the realm of tokens, which is the main center of this deck, for that reason, I (for now) brought back Doomed Traveler. It can be cast at the beginning of the game and can block for at least 2 turns, if not more. And Late game, because at the point, when it dies and creates the 1/1 spirit, there is going to be something boosting it, making it even better than a copy of itself with flying (basicly). Rattlechains is good but didn't really hold up for my goal of the deck. It would become a 3/2 or better with all of the effects in play, but even then I usually have something better, or A lot of tokens.

Also with the realm of Tokens I also Brought Back Spiritual Visit

Second, I think that my Mana base is better, but I dont know how good it is, I am just having a hard time telling if it is holding up.

Now I am also thinking of cutting down Anointed Procession to about 1-2 copied. One of the reasons is for budget, but the main reason is because it doesn't always come up. I do want it in the deck, with things like Spectral Procession It can really save me if I am in a bad situation, but 3 of them might be overdoing it

I got rid of two Favorable Winds And replaced it with 2 Intangible Virtue

I am planning to replace Path to Exile with 2-4 Remand. Giving them that basic land always comes back to haunt me sooner or later in the game.

Moving Selfless Spirit For the sideboard .

So A question about Phantasmal Image. If I copy Geist of Saint Traft, does that count to the Legend rule? So would it count as having two of the "same" legend, therefore needing to get rid of one of them

And speaking of Geist of Saint Traft I love it. But the fact that it's not flying can really set me back. So I was wondering if there is anything I could do with Invocation of Saint Traft. I don't want to get rid of Geist of Saint Traft but having more creatures with the same effect (noted, slightly worse), really would be amazing, since I could put it on a flying creature.

Thoughts on Oyobi, Who Split the Heavens

And my last thing is how do I know when the deck is complete?

peccatori on UW Saint Traft Aura

4 months ago

First, i'm sorry by my english. Second, i'm sorry by my magic's skills. Well, let start.

The deck's premisse is "I want to have a angel 4/4 with fly hitting my enemy in their face".To do this, we will use Geist of Saint Traft, he is a creature costly one/white/blue with hexproof, "Whenever Geist of Saint Traft attacks, put a 4/4 white Angel creature token with flying onto the battlefield tapped and attacking. Exile that token at the end of combat", and a body 2/2. The only problem with this card is in the last party: he is a 2/2. So it's very easy to be killed by a blocking creature. For correct this we will use Steel of the Godhead. Our geist enchanted with this will become a 4/4 creature with lifelink, unblockable and whenever attacks put a angel 4/4 flyng and atacking too.

So, mission completed! But, wait... We can do better. Invocation of Saint Traft permit us enchant a creature to do the same thing the geist does. And, maybe you heard about him, maybe not, but Invisible Stalker is the right blue-guy if you want to attack your enemmy without reaction. Costly one/blue for a creature with HEXPROOF AND UNBLOCKABLE, you will pay two mana for a creture that, if enter the battlefield, can be stopped only for a global distruction or a saccrifice order. The only problem is he is a 1/1, but our propose is enchant he with Invocation of Saint Traft, and now we have our angel 4/4 hitting our enemy and one turn before if we used the saint traft.

This is very fun, we have two combinations to do the samething we want, Saint Traft and Stell of Godhead & Invisible Stalker and Invocation of Saintraft. And the best party of this is in the two case we use a Aura. We already saw a GW Aura and a BW Aura. It's time for a UW Aura.

We use Ethereal Armor to buff our creatures for each aura we have AND give him FIRSTSTRIKE (the Stell of Godhead give unblockable for us Geist, but this in the mostly cases protect him enough), Cartouche of Knowledge allow us to give +1/+1 and fly to a creature AND draw a card (that is awesome), One With the Wind is a generic aura: +2/+2 and fly.

To protect us and buff the Ethereal Armor, we use Journey to Nowhere and Detention Sphere. In the deck we use two of each, but the Detention Sphere is best in the mostly cases. You will use journey if have a deck that wins early and with a creature. In the other cases you will use Detention Sphere: exile all permanents with the same name. With that you can exile a enchantmant that make a combo, remove two or three creatures with the same name or clean a board with Tokens. Yeah, detention sphere is pretty better than journey.

Still to protect us we have Hindering Light, anull a spell that target us or, usually, one of ours enchantments. And you draw a card. Talking about draw a card, we have Ephara, God of the Polis, that is awesome in our deck. Like the other gods, she is a legendary enchantment creature with subtype God, indestructible and isn't a creature while your devotion for heir colors is less than 7. She is a enchantment, so she will buff our Ethereal Armor, we have a lot of enchantments, so is easy to she becomes a creature, but the best of this god is your effect: "At the beginning of each upkeep, if you had another creature enter the battlefield under your control last turn, draw a card.". As we have a creature entering the field every turn, thanks to Saint Traft and your enchantment, we will bough a additional card on opponent's turn.

Know, let's talk about three cards that do similar things: Auramancer, Enlightened Tutor and Heliod's Pilgrim. These three cards get enchantments for us: Auramancer recover a enchantment from cemittery, Enlightened tutor search our library for an enchantment, and Heliod's Pilgrim search our library for an aura card. Alone, the best of them are the Enlightened tutor, cost only one-white mana and you can do this in instant speed, for... I don't know, but instant speed is cool. So, why we use 1 auramancer, 3 heliod's pilgrim and zero enlightened tutor?

The motive is Call to the Kindred. Cost 3/blue mana, enchant a creature and at the beginning of your upkeep search the top five cards of your library and put a creature card that shares a type with enchanted creature on the battlefield. If we enchant Heliod's Pilgrim with this, and we can search this card when she enter's the battlefield, every turn we can put for free a creature card on the battlefield, because all our creatures, with exception Ephara, shares a type with Heliod's Pilgrim. This is awesome if you are in a field with much deck control and time. That is my case. Now, with that aren't you case, you will preffer to use enlightened tutor, change the 3 heliod's pilgrim and the call to kindred for 4 of them. But, if you field have much blue-decks that counter your's enchantments, change the heliod's pilgrim for more 3 Auromancers, that way you can recover the enchantments that gone to the cemiterry. For black-decks that force you to sacrifice your creatures, its better the strategy of Call to the Kindred + Heliod's Pilgrim .

Last but not least, we have Hero of Iroas. That card be white don't make sense to me, one time Iroas are Boros, but be happy that is white. Cost one/white for a creature with body 2/2 that makes all your auras cost's 1 less, and have heroic - put a +1/+1 counter on it is awesome. It's no the better card on the deck, buts your effects are awesome. If your enemy can't destroy your enchantments, try to change one or two Hindering Light for more Hero of Iroas.

Know, lasts considerations. The first is why we use only two Seraph Sanctuary. I try to use 4 of them, to gain more life every time the effect of Saint Traft activate, but the life gain don't compensate the fault of blue/white mana. After some tests, two are the best amount for the deck. The second, Anointed Procession. You can use them if you don't want to do the combo Call to the Kindred + Heliod's Pilgrim . With this in battlefield, whenever the saint traft activate his effect you will have two angels attacking your oponnets. That's strong, but the times this card makes you win the game... Well, with me that card never was the reason to me win. Normally, if your oponnet can't stop your creatures, destroy your enchantments or something like this, have one or two angels don't make great difference. So, i prefer the combo pilgrim-kindred. And last, if you are facing a Burn, just put into the deck Lifelink. Cost one-white and gives lifelink for your creatures. This is normally enough to compensate the life take by burn.

Shadowdarkraity on Spirits From The Bright Sun to The Dark Ocean

4 months ago



Now that I look at it. I do seem to have a "pillow fort". In the form of Ghostly Prison and Dovin Baan. I assume I should lean to a more aggro side. So unless someone says other wise I will take them out. I think I will replace Cancel and Ghostly Prison with Spell Pierce. At least 2 of them but would more be preferred? Going aggro I would think that two would be fine.

Moorland Haunt is like the best thing ever. I'm so happy you told me about that card. Its like everything I need out of a land.

I really like the Phantasmal Image but how many would I put in. I would think around 2 because it shouldn't be the stable of the deck but you still want to have a good chance to get it by turn three or four. I calculated that if I have around 2 of them, getting them by turn 4 would be around 31%. But like I said, that shouldn't be a huge issue because it shouldn't be the "key"(for lack of a better term) of the deck.

So Dreamcatcher seemed really good at first (mostly for its mana cost) but I think that Mausoleum Wanderer , Rattlechains and Nebelgast Herald would be way better (specifically Mausoleum Wanderer) or would Rattlechains be better? Or all three?

Now Invocation of Saint Traft seems really good. At this point though idk where he would fit. I could see it also helping with creatures (if I add it) Eidolon of Countless Battles. I really like Invocation of Saint Traft but if it isn't reasonable then I won't add it.

Now my favorite card in this deck is Anointed Procession. But is it even reasonable to have all 4 of them in? Having Spectral Procession pop out 24 spirits is nice..really nice (that math is correct right? 32=62=12*2=24?) but having 4 isn't exactly budget and I usually (i don't think ever) dont have had all 4 out at once.

Now the last thing I want is some suggested sideboard budget cards that you think I might need just so I have something to work off of when I buy the deck.

Btw I just want to say thank you so much. When I first was getting into magic it seemed kinda intimidating. But building (at least semi competitive decks) is so much fun and I get to learn so much from doing it. I really enjoy the game and I want to thank you for helping me along the way, you have made my magic experience better and SUPER fun. I even got two of my friends into it so now I have more irl propel to play with and not just at fnm.

CasualCucumber on Spirits From The Bright Sun to The Dark Ocean

4 months ago

It all depends on the competitiveness you are going for. I am not the best helper when it comes to the competitive scene since i am more of a casual player, so i won't be able to help you make it really competitive if that's what you are going for with the build.

If you are a casual player, i would recommend running cards you enjoy and would love to use.

However i will come with my thoughts on the cards :) Depending on your budget i would run 2-3 copies of Geist of Saint Traft (Keep in mind the legend rule when playing). Selfless Spirit i think you are primarily running it for it's sacrifice ability than the body itself.

Eidolon of Countless Battles seems pretty fun as a one of could possibly be a big threat in the late game

Sandsteppe Outcast Seems slow, but i can see the funny and potential combo with Anointed Procession.

For me Daxos of Meletis seems pretty solid to with just the first ability. Think of the combo between Daxos of Meletis and Invocation of Saint Traft or Eidolon of Countless Battles boosting him. Invocation of Saint Traft could be a possible suit for the deck to?

Found some other cards you may like Geist-Honored Monk (just saw you had suggested it, but gonna keep it here xD), Mausoleum Wanderer, Rattlechains and Nebelgast Herald.

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