Arcanum Wings


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Future Sight Uncommon

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Arcanum Wings

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature has flying.

Aura swap (2)(Blue) ((2)(Blue): Exchange this Aura with an Aura card in your hand.)

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Arcanum Wings Discussion

Wurmlover on "Bah-gle" or "Bow-gle"??

5 days ago

Daybreak Coronet needs to be in here. also if you're looking for Arcanum Wings to actually work, you need 4 of both wings and conscription. I would cut Hyena Umbra

lagotripha on Demonic Acid

1 week ago

I actually quite like this idea, but I feel a little awkward in some of the card choices.

Hypnotic Siren and Spreading Seas feel underwhelming for me- the lack of islandwalk makes seas pretty do-nothing, and siren is only really functional once you have two anvils running, which could be a removal spell, or chumps once. The lack of g/w cuts a lot of enchantment options, but there are some really interesting tools available that should help out. Eldrazi Conscription/Arcanum Wings and Sanguine Bond/Exquisite Blood have been classics in these colours for a while. Tainted Remedy is interesting sideboard, Underworld Connections/Phyrexian Arena/Dark Tutelage Dictate of Kruphix are their usual selves, and Paradox Haze could make those upkeep triggers, Leyline of Anticipation is interesting, allowing flash cloudstone shenanigans. Bitterblossom Provides board presence while being resistant to creature-removal, Necrogen Mists, Dictate of Erebos, No Rest for the Wicked Seal of Doom/Trial of Ambition/Oath of Liliana, Necrotic Plague, Endless Whispers Waste Not or Descent into Madness all speak to possible strategies.

One card that you absolutely must run is Whip of Erebos as a two-of. The lifelink keeps you in the game, and the graveyard recursion keeps constellation triggering. Gonti's Machinations is worthwhile against burn. Mimic Vat is good with mage.

I've been trying to get Blood Funnel working in these lists, but it just doesn't- the costs inflicted are too high, with boardwipes ending your game. Don't bother.

I can't think of anything else that isn't just the usual format staples and sideboards- good luck making it work.

InfinityMinusOne on Try to block this

2 weeks ago

I like it! I used to play the G/W version of this deck myself, until people started running too many "sac" effects at my LGS :P. Have you considered the Arcanum Wings into Eldrazi Conscription package with Heliod's Pilgrim Support, or is that too clunky?

Patrique on Something Clever

3 weeks ago

probs want to go with Supreme Verdict want some redundancy with board wipes, Sphinx's Revelation is a auto include in UW lists it ends games tbh, cant go wrong with Oblivion Ring, also look into to Palace Jailer Monarch is a really powerful effect and it def gives you a good amount of card advantage. Good to have that catch all spot removal.

Combos to try out:

Tallowisp in play cast commander, grab Arcanum Wings enchant a creature you control, blink commander (or cast another spirit), nab Eldrazi Conscription, aura swap it in swing for game!

thecakeisalie42 on Avalanche (Turn 3 Infinite Landfall/Infinite Mill)

1 month ago

I have a bant combo deck running an Arcanum Wings into Eldrazi Conscription deck. It's janky and fragile and nowhere near competitive as this one, but Commune with the Gods was an all star in it because it can get both your combo pieces (and milling one of them is not a huge problem, especially if you have a KoTR).

Xenomorph on Rafiq EDH

1 month ago

Arcanum Wings to swap for eldrazi conscription and Academy Researchers for the same reason. Add Celestial Mantle or Angelic Destiny

+1 for Rafiq, he's the man!

Wurmlover on good budget decks

3 months ago

MTGgoldfish has some very good budget deck ($100 and under), such as the kuldotha tokens deck, and a zombies deck. as for my suggestion, Polymorph is very good, and I happen to have written a primer for it. Otherwise, Arcanum Wings is broken with Eldrazi Conscription on a Slippery Bogle.

my primer:

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