My personal brew, mostly looking for a Mikaeus combo (+ Triskelion or + Walking Ballista and free sac outlet) with this one. Also having a bit of toolbox stuff on it. I'll add more on this description as the deck changes and evolves.


Golgari Signet OUT Elves of Deep Shadow IN: Faster ramp, and we can't recurse with artifacts so the elves win here

Avenger of Zendikar OUT Phyrexian Arena IN: The only reason this wasn't on the deck was because I couldn't find it in my collection, but now that I did, Avenger is getting the cut. Why? Because it has a very high Cmc and just wasn't working on the deck for its cost.

Blood Artist OUT Diabolic Intent IN: This deck was in need of some tutors, and the Artist almost didn't see any play. Especially in a multiplayer game, its effect wasn't that worth it.

Merciless Executioner OUT Plaguecrafter IN: Plaguecrafter is just an upgraded of the famous ETB sac duo, so one of them had to leave. I chose Executioner because Fleshbag Marauder has a more relevant creature type.

Jungle Hollow OUT Mana Confluence IN

Satyr Wayfinder OUT Thorn of Amethyst IN


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