My personal brew, mostly looking for a Mikaeus combo (+ Triskelion or + Walking Ballista and free sac outlet) with this one. Also having a bit of toolbox stuff on it. I'll add more on this description as the deck changes and evolves.


Elves of Deep Shadow OUT Birds of Paradise IN

Westvale Abbey   OUT Defense of the Heart IN: It seemed to have too many lands and I finally this enchantment, decided to cut a colorless land. Also, turns out I didn't flip it that much.

Dread Return OUT Natural Order IN: Since the deck is built to win with just one Hulk death and this is one of the best ways to get him on the field early, I cut out a high cmc reanimator.

Avenger of Zendikar OUT Phyrexian Arena IN: The only reason this wasn't on the deck was because I couldn't find it in my collection, but now that I did, Avenger is getting the cut. Why? Because it has a very high Cmc and just wasn't working on the deck for its cost.

Blood Artist OUT Diabolic Intent IN: This deck was in need of some tutors, and the Artist almost didn't see any play. Especially in a multiplayer game, its effect wasn't that worth it.

Merciless Executioner OUT Plaguecrafter IN: Plaguecrafter is just an upgraded of the famous ETB sac duo, so one of them had to leave. I chose Executioner because Fleshbag Marauder has a more relevant creature type.

Jungle Hollow OUT Mana Confluence IN

Satyr Wayfinder OUT Thorn of Amethyst IN


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