Full Moon's Rise


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Uncommon

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Full Moon's Rise


Werewolf creatures you control get +1/+0 and have trample.

Sacrifice Full Moon's Rise: Regenerate all Werewolf creatures you control.

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Full Moon's Rise Discussion

Lord.of.Innistrad on Wrath of the Moonborn

1 week ago

So I know this deck is really old, but: No Howlpack Resurgence? I guess you don't NEED them since you have other boosting cards like Immerwolf and Mayor of Avabruck  Flip but maybe swap a Full Moon's Rise out for one? Just a suggestion. I have 4 in my wolf deck.

Metroid_Hybrid on Gruul Eldrazi Werewolfs

2 weeks ago

Fair enough, but that doesn't eliminate the advantages of Howlpack Alpha  Flip & Terror of Kruin Pass  Flip.. And I guess Immerwolf would be better as maybe a 2-of (rather than 4)..

The point being that the transformation cost of those things is WAYY too much for anything outside of Standard, and that Full Moon's Rise is almost stictly better than Howlpack Resurgence..

TheDuggernaught on Wolf/Werewolf Deck

3 weeks ago

Don't worry. I didn't take it that way.

I guess Wild Defiance is a fine "shield" if you are against a lot of red or casual decks, as it becomes impossible to then kill your creatures. But the typical kill spells (Abrupt Decay, Terminate, Maelstrom Pulse, Path to Exile, Go for the Throat, Doom Blade, Smother, ect...) don't care terribly much about the boost. I think taking out Wild Defiance for Full Moon's Rise would be a good call. If you do take out Wild Defiance, then running Silverfur Partisan starts to feel kind of meh. I love the card... but with only 6 ways to trigger it, I feel like there might be better options. Daybreak Ranger  Flip feels pretty good. I also used to love Wolfbitten Captive  Flip, and Reckless Waif  Flip back when they were in standard. They could add some speed to your deck and some consistency in the 1 drop slot.

I am also not entirely sure what you mean by your wolves hating Lightning Bolt. You do not have to cast it on your turn, and your opponent will almost always be casting something on their turn. It is a guaranteed 3 to the face -- which can be super good when you run out of steam and your opponent is just barely hanging in there with 1-3 life.

hardhitta71194 on

3 weeks ago

Wandering Wolf is handy.Full Moon's Rise is great. I'll have more after work.

Indexxical on Green Werewolf Deck

3 weeks ago

I'd recommend:

Athraithe on Green Werewolf Deck

4 weeks ago

If this is standard, Full Moon's Rise is illegal

clayperce on LEED Certified K9s

4 weeks ago

FYI, many of your suggestions (Moonmist, Immerwolf, Lightning Bolt, Mutagenic Growth, Full Moon's Rise, and Utopia Sprawl) are not legal in Standard.

Also, Moonmist doesn't transform the Werewolf Horrors, like Kessig Prowler  Flip.


TriscuitBiscuiT003 on LEED Certified K9s

4 weeks ago

Hey just checked out your wolf deck. Pretty sweet. I just got done making a wolf deck myself you should go check it out.

Some suggestions though.

If your gonna run Kessig Prowler  Flip you definitly want to run 4x of them and with 4x Geier Reach Bandit  Flip (You should be running 4 of this card anyways), possibly adding, Waxing Moon or Moonmist to help transform them. Imo Moonmist is better but WM just in case you wanna run more of the same spell.

Not that it helps Kessig Prowler  Flip but look into adding more transforming wolves with Immerwolf Great 3 drop with buff and keeps your werewolves on the field longer.

Now I've been recently testing out my deck in MTGO and it was rough starting out. I was playing an aggro deck without the aggro on top of playing it in a reactive manner vs proactive.

Here are some more suggestions just to make this deck a bit faster and more competitive which is already hard to do with wolves.

If you're running red in any deck always always run Lightning Bolt. Now I really love Moonlight Hunt but relying on creatures to take out something quick and efficient as a removal spell, LB wins hands down. That's not to say you shouldn't run MH, its still a fantastic card for removing larger creatures. I used it in similar scenario, and it saved my ass for a short time anyways.

I really love Howlpack Resurgence but you definitely shouldn't be running 4x. 2x at the most. the trample is a bit redundant and if your using it for its flash buff ability look into Mutagenic Growth or similar instants that will keep your wolves alive.

I get why people love Spirit of the Hunt its got a great flash defensive ability but for 3 mana I would consider looking into other options as mentioned above. Possibly Full Moon's Rise, cheap, small buff, protection from field wipes. (Definetly SB material)

Lastly I'd have to suggest two things. First off green is a ramp color, use that to your advantage. If your gonna run that many forests, you need to run Utopia Sprawl. One of my favorite cheap & quick ramp cards. Run at least two more Game Trail, having just two losses its value. Secondly consider finding some draw spells. I noticed playing my wolf deck in MTGO I ran out of steam quick once my hand was gone. Of course this deck is slower so it might not have that problem. Which is a problem in of itself.

That's about it. Awesome deck, +1 from me.

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