Shrill Howler

Creature — Werewolf

Creatures with power less than Shrill Howler's power can't block it.

: Transform Shrill Howler.

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Shrill Howler Discussion

Catpocolypse on Werewolf Aggro

8 months ago

Coolio. Sooo, where to start. Just based on how the deck has lots of singles, Im guessing that you own most/all of these cards. Thats fine, it just won't be as smooth as a deck you made then ordered. I would drop Vivien's Invocation . Its really pricy, mana wise, and none of your creatures have a high enough power for the second ability to really come into play. Now your deck is down to 60 cards. Good, keep it there. Due to Immerwolf , Shrill Howler  Flip, Smoldering Werewolf  Flip, Tangleclaw Werewolf  Flip, Ulvenwald Captive  Flip, and Vildin-Pack Outcast  Flip cannot transform. You can figure out how to deal with that, if that is a problem you come across. Mayor of Avabruck  Flip is a important card in most Werwolf decks. Howlpack Resurgence is an incredibly important card, so important that i have never seen a werewolf deck that didnt run it. Its somewhat pricy, but Collected Company is a powerful card, especially in a creature based deck like this.

Neotrup on How does Descendants' Path work?

10 months ago

There is an interesting interaction with two Descendants' Path . If you do control a human, say Noble Hierarch , and two Descendants' Path 's, in your upkeep both will trigger. If the first resolves and reveals Lambholt Pacifist  Flip so you cast it for free, that resolves, then the next Descendants' Path resolves and reveals Shrill Howler  Flip. You will be able to cast Shrill Howler  Flip because you now control Lambholt Pacifist  Flip, even though you did not control a werewolf when the ability initially triggered.

FatesAwakener on G/R Werewolf Aggro

2 years ago

I don't know, should I add Waxing Moon over 1 Moonmist so you don't have to pay 6 for Shrill Howler  Flip and Kessig Prowler  Flip or should I keep it the way it is?

Moby_Copperfield on It Goes Bark *Updated*

2 years ago

Fair points especially around sweepers :)

My take on Wolves is built around Shrill Howler  Flip and it's in-built evasion. So for me the instant pump spells are there to get its damage through. But it is definitely vulnerable to removal/board wipes!

Moby_Copperfield on He Cried Wolf

2 years ago

clayperce Nice suggestion.

I'm considering Sixth Sense for card draw.

It doesn't work with Silverfur Partisan, but trampling wolves or Shrill Howler should provide repeated card draw.

And against control, I'd side in Hermit of the Natterknolls  Flip. I've not tested this since so few of my mates play control decks!

TheACTR on They'll Catch You On the Flip Side

2 years ago

I would agree that Shrill Howler  Flip and Ulrich's Kindred Make good candidates for the axe. I refuse to play the howler as I feel it was a missed opportunity to be a good wolf/werewolf support card and instead they made it eldrazi support. The latter, as you have already noticed is a pretty heavy mana sink for a limited ability in terms of use. I love Conduit of Storms but I can see how his usefulness varies. My concern now would be that you are removing 3 creatures and I am suggesting you add 2 so you are losing bodies. For a Gruul deck based on tribal interactions losing creatures hurts.

After taking another look at my own deck I can make a couple more suggestions for creatures you could replace those three with:Adaptive AutomatonTaurean MaulerChameleon ColossusTangleclaw Werewolf  FlipVildin-Pack Outcast  FlipWolfir SilverheartThese are all really powerful or offer good utility and are almost always better to draw than Howler, Kindred, Storyteller or Conduit.

Wizno on They'll Catch You On the Flip Side

2 years ago

I've played my deck against similar style decks that you mentioned tomb14. My meta is rampant with Storm players which I feel are the supreme enemy of the werewolf so just get in early and be relentless!

You've stumbled upon my biggest issue TheACTR! I'm running out of cards to cut as I feel my deck is reaching it's maximum level of tuning while still holding on to a strong tribal theme. I haven't had a chance to play Heartwood Storyteller but I am concerned for the same reasons as you. I like to usually get a game or two with each new card to really begin evaluating it's worth but I could see it getting the axe. Shrill Howler  Flip, Conduit of Storms  Flip, and Ulrich's Kindred are currently the closest to getting the axe. The latter in particular is a tough call for me because the indestructible is nice but having to swing and sink a fair amount of mana is tough some times.

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