Soul's Fire


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shards of Alara (ALA) Common

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Soul's Fire


Target creature you control in play deals damage equal to its power to target creature or player.

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Soul's Fire Discussion

Furani on Fling In The Ice (MODERN)

3 days ago

Brute Force +2 // Uncanny Speed -2 // Fists of the Anvil -1 // Temur Battle Rage -2 // Undying Evil +2 // Soul's Fire -2 // Spell Pierce +3 //Cryptborn Horror -2 // Goblin Electromancer +2 // Jeskai Sage -2 // Vampire Hexmage +2 //Fate Foretold -2 // Skin Invasion -2 // Cathartic Reunion +2 //

Quite the rebuild but, you have so many different cards at different mana-speed-levels that the deck won't perform very consistent

Boza on Elemental Bolt

2 weeks ago

Not to discourage here, but while I like the combo of pandemonium + chaser + twinflame, it is a 3 card combo that requires 10 mana total, 6 of which must be on the same turn. Very hard to do reliably. Additionally, it works a bit against you, negating any damage that was done by your creatures before that and making it not matter.

So, I think you have two options - either cut the combo out, as it works against the rest of the deck, or focus on not doing any damage and jsut doing the combo.

Suggestion for the first option - cut the twinflame and the pandemonium. Try out Hellspark Elemental (really cool interaction between unearth and champion) and Lightning Bolt instead.

Additionally, Crack the Earth past turn 2-3 is really bad. Also, it goes against the general plan of your deck, which is dealing a metric ton of damage. I would suggest Assault Strobe instead - gives you the same mileage as a twinflame for much less mana.

Suggestions for second option - cut all the hasty elementals that deal a lot of damage, but also sacrifice themselves. Add redundancy (aka more copies of certain effects) to the combo - Soul's Fire as an alternative to Twinflame, Leveler as an alternative to Nova Chaser, etc.

Tomahawk-Bang on Kresh's Big Monster House Party EDH

2 weeks ago

Hey, WAYF4! Thanks for your comment. Flesh / Blood was already in my maybeboard and I used to play it in an earlier version of this deck. In my local meta the sorcery speed was a huge drawback, though. In the end I replaced it with Chandra's Ignition which has single-handedly won me several games out of nowhere by taking out the whole table at once.

My Kresh EDH is my Timmy deck. I really want it to be playing big, flashy creatures. It doesn't need to win every game, but if it's winning then it does so by totally crushing my opponents. :-)
With that said, I am actually thinking about taking out one or two of Kreshs big friends and replacing it with a mana doubler like Mana Reflection. From the 3 big guys you mentioned Bloodshot Cyclops seems like the most possible cut to me because I still have Chandra's Ignition, Soul's Fire and Fling that do the same. The others fulfill important roles as removal spells. I don't know if the sac-removal creatures you mentioned really fit into this deck because I don't play tokens and all of them make me sacrifice one of my own creatures, too.

flintshadowrider on Primal Hunger

2 weeks ago

Ooo Soul's Fire and ghalta, what a spicy Ooooooo spicy combo. I like how you made a zoo deck that looks like it'll be very consistent without mr big boy Tarmogoyf

Blo on Deathtouch against General's Kabuto

2 weeks ago

So, either deathtouch Acidic Slime or infect Glistener Elf (added reminder texts for you) care about dealing damage. This may be combat damage, or things like Soul's Fire. However, it must deal damage to apply effects. General's Kabuto prevents all combat damage dealt to equipped creature, so there is never damage dealt.
As a result, your creature won't die due to deathtouch, or get counters on it due to infect, as they never deal damage.

This also holds true for effects that care about combat damage being dealt, such as Permeating Mass. They don't trigger if the damage is prevented.

skoobysnackz on Primal Hunger

2 weeks ago

Thanks a lot for the suggestions Josu and VesuvanDoppelbanger! First and foremost, I can't believe I forgot to add Loxodon Smiter at least somewhere in the 75 as it is great against disruption and works well to activate Rhonas the Indomitable and Ghalta. Knight of the Reliquary is also an interesting suggestion. With all the fetches I'm running, it could definitely get out of hand quickly. I'll have to do some testing to see how it performs, mostly I'm just worried that it could be just a bit slow without the Retreat to Coralhelm combo. Regarding the lands, I would most likely add Kessig Wolf Run over Gavony Township because it can give trample to Ghalta for just which, at that point, is already pretty much game over. As for Phyrexian Soulgorger and Soul's Fire, these are the kind of janky combos I really love to see. I will surely do some testing with them but I think I'm going to have to save at least the soulgorger for a Solemnity combo deck with some Kitchen Finks, and Phyrexian Unlifes; the deck could be pretty scary imo.

VesuvanDoppelbanger on Primal Hunger

2 weeks ago

How about a Phyrexian Soulgorger? You're playing enough little guys to feed him - that would probably only happen once or twice, and he puts a lot of power on the board towards your Ghalta. Rhonas and Rancor can trample him up to get through.

A Soul's Fire might be a helpful finisher w/ giants roaming about.

DaftVader on Zada the Spellslinger

1 month ago

Soul's Fire has two targets, so unless I'm mistaken doesn't work with zada. You could replace it with Chandra's Ignition for a fiery finish.

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