Moonlight Hunt


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Uncommon

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Moonlight Hunt


Choose target creature you don't control. Each creature you control that's a Wolf or a Werewolf deals damage equal to its power to that creature.

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Moonlight Hunt Discussion

raefgall on Head of the Pack

2 months ago

Moonmist and Moonlight Hunt are tribal specific and cover wolves as well, providing removal and protection.

Something like Krosan Grip and Hull Breach, or similar effects of your choice.

Blasphemous Act is easily the beast board wipe available to you.

Harmonize and Shamanic Revelation for card draw.

Beast Within, Chaos Warp, Divergent Transformations, and Song of the Dryads are some great, versatile removal options (although they leave the opponent with something remaining on the board).

And Overrun and Beastmaster Ascension make great finishers.

CavusCanis on

4 months ago

In a best case situation, a Cream of the Crop trigger lets us set up removal such as Lightning Bolt, Destructive Revelry or Moonlight Hunt. Then, Smuggler's Copter attacks along with our creatures, and draws us the removal to be used before the Assign Blockers step.

In the worst case scenario, CoTC shows us nothing but lands, then Smuggler's Copter allows us to clear out a dead draw. Remember, CoTC triggers on undying too. Blocking with Young Wolf allows us to manipulate the top of our deck. It's not just about drawing cards. It about drawing the right cards.

I think you're ultimately correct in the sideboarding of Destructive Revelry. In my local meta artifacts and enchantments are used very frequently.

CavusCanis on Naya Midrange Werewolves

4 months ago

Yeah, I think my suspicions were confirmed in Goldfishing. I went 2-0 playing against it with Howlpack Tempo (Paper) because I had removal in Lightning Bolt and Moonlight Hunt. I played another match against it, and I went 2-1, in favor of the Howlpack again. It's all about interaction. Every removal spell Naya Wolves had was 2 mana or higher, and that can really slow down plays. Naya Wolves sneaked out a win when I started drawing nothing but lands in that one game. Once you had two Mayor of Avabruck  Flip out on the board flipped, it became just about impossible to sneak any damage in. That being said, that game lasted about 10 turns because of large, gummy board-states.

I'll reiterate, this is a great deck design, but I truly believe efficient instant removal is a must have for this deck to thrive.

cdkime on Moonlight Hunt

6 months ago

First off, you listed this deck as Standard, which it most clearly is not! I presume you meant Modern? My below suggestions rely upon that presumption.

Probably the most important card you can add to this deck is Immerwolf, which you should run four copies of. It has evasion. It has a relevant tribal boost. But, most importantly, it keeps your creatures from being transformed back into boring humans. This enables you to play a pump-enchantment and a creature in the same turn, without your creatures regressing. All that for only three mana. Perfect!

Lightning Bolt is an objectively better card than Lightning Strike. On the topic of removal, Moonlight Hunt, the card your deck is named for, is a pretty strong removal spell, and generally also better than Lightning Strike, as you can kill fairly significant threats using it.

TheDuggernaught on Werewolves

7 months ago

This is a good start! Probably much better than any decks I made when I was a new player! With that being said, I do have a few suggestions. First, I just want to to make sure that you want this to be an aggro deck that aims to win on turn 4-5. I ask because you have a few pieces in here that might lean more towards a midrange strategy in Kessig Wolf Run, Mondronen Shaman  Flip, Asceticism, Moonlight Hunt, and Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip. None of these cards really make you win fast because they have high mana costs or have abilities that cost a fair bit of mana to activate. Which is fine if you want to adjust your deck to fit more of a midrange strategy. You even maybe play a fair number of werewolves that tap for mana so you can tap Kessig Wolf Run for pretty massive swings.

I do however think that an aggro shell works better for werewolves. Some cards I might suggest are:

Aether Vial: not cheap, but works super good with werewolves since putting them into play does not count as a cast.

Instigator Gang  Flip: A little higher on the cmc, but can win games. He can pump those werewolves pretty fast.

Ulrich of the Krallenhorde  Flip: More of a midrange beat stick. But still good enough to mention.

Breakneck Rider  Flip: Another lord-esque effect. The trample is super good.

Reckless Waif  Flip: Another low to the ground creature to put pressure on your opponent early.

Lambholt Elder  Flip: An engine that can give you a lot of card draw when you start to run out of gas. Can also block some of the more popular creatures you might find in modern.

Lambholt Pacifist  Flip: A creature with an above average body for its mana cost -- even in human form. It can attack even in its human form if you have a Mayor of Avabruck  Flip in play or any other similar effect.

Kruin Outlaw  Flip: Gives werewolves evasion.

Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip: Another card that is more meant for midrange, but it is very good at what it does. This actually sees some modern play in various competitive decks.

Village Ironsmith  Flip: fragile body, but the first strike can make it difficult to deal with for your opponent via combat.

Hinterland Logger  Flip: Another fragile body, but the power with trample can normally get a point or two of damage through.

Hermit of the Natterknolls  Flip: Maybe more of a sideboard card against control, but it can also give you a lot of card draw.

Gatstaf Shepherd  Flip: Average body in human form. The intimidate gives it a little bit of evasion.

Kessig Forgemaster  Flip: Maybe more of a sideboard card, but would not be terrible in the main. Its ability will kill almost any creature your opponent tries to chump block it with.

Convicted Killer  Flip There are better options (like lambholt pacifist), but its 4/4 body is worth noting.

Collected Company: Also not cheap. But if you haven't noticed, almost all of the cards I just listed are 3cmc or below. The instant speed also allows you to not cast anything on your turn to get the transforms, and then just cast it on your opponent's turn to grab 2 creatures form the top 6 cards of your deck.

Lightning Bolt: Might be hard pressed to find any red aggro deck without at least some of these.

CavusCanis on Treefolkdancing my way to competitive scene!

7 months ago

Hey User:Naksu! I just tested this deck against my werewolf brew, Howlpack Aggro. Let me tell you, I had to go full removal just to stand a chance against the treefolk. You may not be at competitive level with the treefolk yet, but they are on-par or above concerning the werewolves.

I played about 5 games. My wolves ended up winning, but only because of the treefolk got mana-screwed in the last game. My saving grace against a 7/7 treefolk on turn 4 was Moonlight Hunt. Once I got him off the board, I was able to stabilize. The hexproof creatures would have been my downfall if I hadn't been able to keep ramping up creature power, along with some Temur Battle Rage. This deck is quite the challenge!

clayperce on Final Werewolves (HOU - Retired)

10 months ago

Thanks for the kudos! Moonlight Hunt is a great card, but it's too high-variance for my tastes (i.e., INSANE when ahead on board, but blurgh with an empty board). And yeah, I'll definitely check out your deck!

Thanks again!

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