Inspiring Cleric


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Inspiring Cleric


When Inspiring Cleric enters the battlefield, you gain 4 life.

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Inspiring Cleric Discussion

Meurth on Accent-Accord

1 month ago

Lyra Dawnbringer of course, very expensive though :p Shalai, Voice of Plenty is also a very powerful angel.

Pride Guardian and Seal Away defend well against aggro decks. Mother of Runes is a great defensive card for your sideboard.

If you want to be a bit more aggressive, replace the Inspiring Clerics and a few Knight of Meadowgrain for some Glory-Bound Initiates and maybe some Knight Exemplars and Consul's Lieutenants.

I think Cathedral Sanctifier and Pride Guardian are usually better than Ghost-Lit Redeemer.

You could run a Luxa River Shrine for some extra lifegain.

Good luck with the deck, looks awesome!

TKM1984 on Vampire Aggro Black/White

1 month ago

Just a few pointers you haf 70 Cards mainbord where you only need 60, so i wil probely cut your lands Down to 24, remove the Ritual of Rejuvenation the Arterial Flow and the Mastermind's Acquisition after the i wil probely move Famished Paladin and Inspiring Cleric to the side bord when you are up vs agro, probely also remove Paladin of the Bloodstained and see if you cant add som Sadistic Skymarcher instead sins you only haf 3 somtimes flyers. And think about getting som removel to clear the way for your Guys early

DeviousPenguin666 on Accent-Accord

1 month ago

If you're looking for input, I would consider replacing the Inspiring Clerics with Martyr of Sands, and if you can afford them maybe pick up Serra Ascendants. Sweet deck, +1!

TwelveOpossum on tiny leader ayli

3 months ago

Hi this is Derek.

Okay here's the obvious weak links:Deadeye Harpooner: Fine card, probably would be better as something like Fiend Hunter, though (there's a combo with Ayli).Disciple of the Vault: I think your artifact theme is a lil light.Encampment Keeper: If you want an anthem, you are probably better off with a legit lord or non-creature anthem effect. If you want to go the lord route, you'd probably need to go more tribal. Also there's definitely other 1 CMC monstros that would give you some boost.Master Trinketer: Probably a bit too slow. Fine card, though.Solemn Recruit: Little off the main goals of the deck. Good card, though - maybe also consider Mirran Crusader if you want this kind of lad?Battle at the Bridge: Definitely would need stronger artifact theme for this to be actively good. It's fine, it's just not actively good. One potential option is Profane Command?Chaplain's Blessing: This sort of lifegain tends to be bad. Maybe consider a triggered source? Depending on budget, Sword of War and Peace seems good. Sylvok Lifestaff too. Even Inspiring Cleric from Innistrad (which also gives you a body for Ayli).Shadows of the Past: Seems okay but maybe something a little cheaper for a powerful effect? Spirit Bonds might be sick here.Decomission: I think there's probably better alternatives for artifact/enchantment destruction.

Obvious omissions:Lingering Souls is INSANE.If you want to go the token route, you may want to consider anthems (Spear of Heliod, Glorious Anthem, Mirror Entity, Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit), as well as other powerful token makers (Secure the Wastes, Sword of Body and Mind, Brimaz, King of Oreskos, Monastery Mentor).For removal, consider sweepers (Slaughter the Strong, Forced March, Black Sun's Zenith, Retribution of the Meek) as well as the really strong point removal (Path to Exile, Swords to Plowshares) and the really cheap removal that's considerably worse (Vendetta, Smother, Ulcerate) and the more flexible removal that can hit everything (Vindicate, Anguished Unmaking).

Mother of Runes is sick.Sacrifice outlets have a few obvious combos in Fiend Hunter, Mesmeric Fiend and Tidehollow Sculler.Orzhov Signet is good.Card draw is good. There's not a lot of good card draw in BW. I would suggest Skeletal Scrying or maybe Damnable Pact.Finally, gots to have some way to interact with graveyards (people DEFINITELY use them in the format). Bojuka Bog is the standard. People often rock Tormod's Crypt and Relic of Progenitus too.For mana base, maybe Orzhov Guildgate, Scoured Barrens and Forsaken Sanctuary as well as Caves of Koilos and Orzhov Basilica (a sick combo with Bojuka Bog). More expensive options are Godless Shrine, Isolated Chapel and Shambling Vent.

Catalog9000 on Help with Vampire Deck

3 months ago

Dire Fleet Ravager is also really fun to use. If you're gaining a considerable amount of life (Moment of Craving, Inspiring Cleric, Squire's Devotion, Bishop's Soldier) than losing 1/3rd of your life isn't so bad.

Dropping from 26 down to 17 isn't so bad when your opponent drops from 18 down to 12. Just make sure you can stay far enough ahead.

The more life you have, the more you will lose. Play him cautiously. Mostly if you're in a tight spot and you think you can win but need them immediately weaker first.

colinnzflakk on Black/White Vampire

3 months ago

mistarilledawn Thanks for the suggestions! I bought a few Sanctum Seekers the other day, just forgot to update this decklist. I'm not going to run Gifted Aetherborn or Fatal Push, as they are soon going out of Standard, and I'd play them for, at most, 3 weeklies. However, I have replaced my Bishop's Soldiers and Inspiring Clerics for other things, and added in cards such as Dusk Legion Zealot. I might add back in Duress and Vampire's Zeal (I ran them in the first build of this deck) if I can find something to replace. I also may run Concealed Courtyard in the future, but since I don't have a primary source of income, it's currently out of my budget. Thanks again, suggestions are always appreciated :)

mistarilledawn on Black/White Vampire

3 months ago

2-4 Sanctum Seekers might be good to consider; maybe also a set of Gifted Aetherborn to replace the Bishop's Soldiers and one of the Inspiring Clerics, and then maybe replace the other two Inspiring Clerics with two Fatal Pushes?

It might also be good to consider some better lands such as Concealed Courtyard, and maybe even a few copies of Vampire's Zeal or Duress.

Looks cool, have fun with it!

CaptainBlue7 on Four Points

4 months ago

Good point. I think I have an Archangel of Thune in storage. Ill add it to the maybeboard. Would probably be good to substitute in Inspiring Cleric instead of Ritual of Rejuvenation if I go that route.

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