Myr Matrix


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Darksteel Rare

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Myr Matrix


Myr Matrix is indestructible. ("Destroy" effects and lethal damage don't destroy it.)

All Myr creatures get +1/+1.

: Create a 1/1 Myr artifact creature token.

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Myr Matrix Discussion

Myr_Mythic on Kiss Myr Ass (8 Total Lands)

3 months ago

I'd drop Myr Matrix entirely. Its ability is too costly. If you must have the indestructible, consider Eldrazi Monument.

The7thBobba on Blame!

4 months ago

Cool deck, dude! I really love the myr, too. Since you already have infinite mana with the galvanizers, would you be anove ecploiting it for infinite tokens! If not, then Myr Matrix is your friend ;) stay frosty!

cak01vej on Blood Priest

4 months ago

most of your creatures dies when Heartless Summoning enters the battlefield, so I would get rid of it.

That leaves space to make the deck into a myr-tribal deck. I would consider cards like Myr Battlesphere (which, with 20 Myr in the deck, is a wincon in it self), and Myr Matrix which makes more Myr, and make them stronger.

Personally I'm not a fan of Contested War Zone, so I would swap it for Darksteel Forge

StopShot on

5 months ago

@foxboy93, for Hexproof I'd recommend pairing with Impact Tremors or Zulaport Cutthroat. That aside I feel even if you're to go for the kill with a sac engine you should be running Goblin Bombardment and give a moderate consideration to Blasting Station since its still better to win ten times out of ten than nine times out of ten, but I'm incredibly picky so its just my perspective on the matter. I just don't like small loop-holes that ruin the combo you assembled.

I feel like a non-graveyard based combo is a really big question to answer. If your deck generates mana like no ones business I'd recommend Mana Echoes + Myr Matrix for the slow terrifying kill your opponents can't stop. Another cute one is Sword of Feast and Famine + Aggravated Assault and if you're really banking to have every hit connect I'd suggest putting in Key to the City, Darkest Hour, Break Through the Line, Nether Traitor, and Mogis's Marauder. If you want a combo that involves putting in even smaller spells you could try risking it to build Isochron Scepter + Final Fortune + Sundial of the Infinite in which Shred Memory would be a good friend of yours which tutors any of the pieces of this infinite turn combo. My personalized non-graveyard combo is Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker + Thornbite Staff and then take any creature and a Goblin Bombardment to sac the token copies infinitely.

joshuaizac on Help generating infinite colored/red mana ...

5 months ago

Mana Echoes as mentioned in the last post, combos off with lots of stuff... Myr Matrix for example after you get 5 + myrs on the board nets infinite mana... Genesis Chamber is another card that ends up being a part of a lot of combo decks for obvious reasons....

weaslcake on Karn is not a color

6 months ago

i like the idea of this deck... but its not as good as it would be on paper, you see i like a lot of colorless decks because of how absurdly wonderful they are.but this.... its meh.

the problem i have personally with this deck is that there are a couple cards that really dont make sense, like Springjack Pasture, your usually not gonna be sacrificing any goats to make tons of mana because you got Voltaic Key/Clock of Omens with Sol Ring to make tons of mana for cards like Hangarback Walker and Myr Matrix. another problem i have with this deck is the win condition. whats the goal besides token stradegy, because since this is a edh deck, you dont know if your opponet could board wipe everything, could exile everything, destroy certian parts, ect. and ect.

in closing, i do hope this gets improved on, i like it a lot!

KrimsonWolf on Myrs Overwealming!

6 months ago

Playtesting reveals actually this to be the best strategy with this deck which also is a "pretty likely" draw:

Turn 1: Seachrome Coast + Sol Ring

Turn 2: Seachrome Coast + Mechanized Production attached to sol ring

Turn 3: Myr Incubator

Turn 4: sac Myr Incubator generate 10 myrs, saccing the mana accelerators (you have enough clones of sol ring you don't need them anymore).

You win at the start of turn 5 due to the number of myrs that you generated

The reason for generating 10 myrs is because if you generate too many a Wrath of God can screw you since you empted your deck out. At the same time by making 2 extra myrs you have some chump blockers. Finally if Mechanized Production is killed if you make then cast Myr Battlesphere or Myr Matrix you have enough to win by damage anyways, since both cards essentially double your damage...and if you don't have either of those cards you can use some of your 10 myrs to activate Myr Turbine to get Myr Battlesphere.

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