Target player gains control of target permanent you control.

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Donate Discussion

TheRedGoat on Changing How Magic Plays: Part 3

4 weeks ago

Honestly there's no reason to sell yourself short by playing Scorching Spear. Browbeat is a much better option imo. Plus numerous amounts of spells that don't care who has what. Howling Mine, Kami of the Crescent Moon, Goblin Cadets, Vedalken Plotter, Shifting Borders, Donate.

I mean, you're not even running Harmless Offering....

And if you want "bad" just play stuff that does nothing period for them like Darksteel Relic.

thijmnesoy on "Goblins! Donate the Castigator!"

2 months ago

The7thBobba that was because Donate was first in this deck. next to Harmless Offering

UniqueUserID on When token names are the ...

2 months ago

I've been doing a bit of research around Spy Kit seeing if what token "names" it can actually create. I was surprised to find it had a few! Such as the Crib Swap token has the same name as Shapeshifter and Urza's Factory and Assembly-Worker.

So the following questions all have to do with these "token names" and creature names, cause I'm not sure how many of these play out!

1) Does using Mask of the Mimic allow me to tutor out ANY card with the same name, such as Splinter from a token from Splintering Wind?

2) if I cast Runed Halo naming "Shapeshifter", it would give me protection from the terrifying Shapeshifter AND the token made from Crib Swap?

3) Cards like Pack Hunt, Retraced Image and Bifurcate do not card about card type, just name. So using them on a Spinter token from Splintering Wind means I can search for Splinter?

4) And finally, if I was to Donate any artifact creature or artifact token with Spy Kit equipped on it, then use Splinter on it. Does it exile ALL their creatures (non-legends) in the deck, hand and graveyard??

Firebones675 on All Your Base Are Belong To Yas

2 months ago

One ability that imo should go in any yasova deck is Bazaar Trader and Donate. The way it works is if you steal a creature with yasova then force yourself to gain control of it with one of those two cards, at the end of turn you still get to keep the creature as it overwrites the "temporary steal" ability. You do it already with conjurer's closet but it helps to have other ways to do it. With Assault Suit you can equip it to a creature you don't permanently control then "gift it" to every other person at the table. Since you can't be attacked with it you can watch a huge creature go to town while you sit back and watch.Also I'm always a fan of Grab the Reins. you can steal at instant speed and throw it at something if you need to.

rockergage on Jeskai Human Commander

3 months ago

Zedruu the Greathearted, Aurelia, the Warleader, Rakdos, Lord of Riots with Zedruu you can Donate or Harmless Offering cards that will hinder the opponent and your deck has no way to help you after they do it, Statecraft will stop you from dealing damage and Grid Monitor will keep you from casting creatures which is the only thing you do in that deck. Voltron is a commander term to describe a deck that will purely power up its Commander with equipment and aura's, a control deck is all about controlling the board, i refer to Rakdos as a pain deck is because he deals damage to make creatures cost less. Brion Stoutarm would be a fine substitute.

NotSquishedYet on How Donald Trump plays Magic

3 months ago

Harmless Offering > Donate without a "small loan of a million dollars" alter for it. Beware the kitty's snake tail...

Also, you need Telepathy because only Donald Trump does not reveal his Tax Returns, while everyone else goes at each other's throats for what they see.

N0L1M1TS on Worst cards ever? Challenge accepted.

5 months ago

I saw an article of the 10 crappiest cards ever, and I decided to challenge my friends to find a way to make these crappy cards playable. So, we held a lottery where each of us was assigned one of the cards from the list to incorporate into our decks. The catch? You couldn't just build a deck that won despite the inclusion of the card--the card had to be the star of the deck.

Because of the amount of set-up required, these would be best attempted in a multiplayer game where you might be able to delay long enough to pull them off. And, they are janky. However, should you pull it off, it is funny because it is totally unexpected. At any rate, here are some of the combos that I came up with:

1: Cast Erayo's Essence and then a series of Ornithopters (for free) to flip it. On the next turn, drop Rule of Law. Result? No one else can cast spells.

2: Cast Birthing Pod ahead of Scornful Egotist. Sacrifice the Pod to put Blazing Archon into play. Result? No one's creatures can attack you.

3: Cast Moonlace on your favorite fatty, then cast All Is Dust to wipe the battlefield. Result? You get to swing away at your defenseless opponents.

4: Cast Echo Mage and Jace, Memory Adept, and proceed to level them up. Once they are fully leveled, use Jace's ultimate to force 2 of your opponents to draw 20 cards. Cast One with Nothing to discard your hand, then use the Mage's ability to copy it twice--targeting your 2 opponents. Result? You have just successfully milled 2 opponents simultaneously for at least a third of their libraries--the 20 cards you just had them draw, plus whatever they had in their hands in the first place.

5: Cast Wood Elemental (sacrificing as much of your land as possible) followed by Balance. Have as few (or better yet, none) creatures on the battlefield as possible. Result? Your opponents have no more land than you do, and (hopefully) no more than creatures than you do. With any luck, yours will be the biggest fatty in play, too.

6: Cast Tundra Kavu, followed by Aysen Highway. Use Kavu's ability to turn one of your opponent's lands into a Plains long enough for you to send your creatures. Result? Your creatures are now unblockable.

7: Play a red/blue deck that is primarily burn spells. Drop Elixir of Immortality, and once you have sufficient mana available and spells in your graveyard, cast Mudhole to exile any lands that may have been milled, then activate the Elixir. Result? You now have your burn spells available again and an increased chance of drawing one since the excess lands were exiled.

8: This requires a lot of preparation. Cast Long-Term Plans to move Phage the Untouchable to third card down from the top of your library. Wait a turn. Cast Write into Being to manifest Phage as a face-down 2/2 creature. Donate Phage to an opponent, and then cast Break Open to flip him. Result? Your donee loses automatically.

9: Cast Icy Manipulator ahead of Sorrow's Path, and Donate the Path to one of your opponents. Then, use the Manipulator to repeatedly tap Path. Result? Your opponent (and each of his creatures) gets pinged for 2 each time to activiate the Manipulator.

I could not, despite my best efforts, find a way to make the Great Wall a useful card.

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