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Note - This deck was originally named Yahenni’s Death Spiral… but considering I have always had him in a One Punch Man sleeve, it just made sense since Yahenni is basically Saitama…

He can get really huge really fast, one shot opponents and becomes indestructible. So yeah… Saitama…

This deck was originally built as Flip Lili, with a discard sub theme. But over time, i realized Yahenni was purely better for what i wanted to do.

Now, the name of the game is Sacrifice all the things. Yahenni is a powerhouse for this. With haste and pumps, he is a deadly threat. This deck can actually win via Combat damage. The icing on this death cake is the ability to gain Indestructible.

Basic game plan is to out value your opponents by using sac outlets and value etb creatures to control the board then secure a win using one of the many ways in Mono Black.

Side Board slots are pulled cards. Maybe board are things i want to swap in.


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I’ve been kicking this around for a long time.

Out: Crypt of Agadeem Volrath’s Stronghold Cabal Stronghold

In: Agadeem’s awakening Hagra Mauling Malakir Rebirth


So, for a long time, I’ve noticed that I just NEVER use any of the lands I removed.

Cabal Stronghold and Crypt of Agadeem never produce mana like I want them too. I rarely have more basic swamps out than non basics so Stronghold doesn’t really act like a second Cabal Coffers, and Crypt of Agadeem rarely does anything, because there is so much built in recursion in this deck, that I rarely have enough creatures in the hard to matter.

Volrath’s Stronghold comes out for reasons listed above. So it made sense to me to finally make the switch to the 3 MDFCs listed.

They just simply DO MORE, than what is currently in place.

Agadeem’s Awakening is another copy of either Wake the Dead or Rise of the Dark Realms late game, or a land early on. So more Reanimation is never a bad thing. This actually fills the spot of Volrath’s stronghold as well.

Malakir Rebirth is great cause it gives Undying without really giving Undying, so it can save Yahenni or other key pieces in a clutch situation.

Hagra’s Mauling is honesty the weakest of the choices here, but it’s still remove or a land, so it has the edge in that case. Having an extra spot remove in niche cases is never a bad thing, and it’s a land otherwise.


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