The hole idea behind the Deck is to keep my stuff as low as possible,1/1 and 2/2 getting in damage using my Commander's ability allowing them to be unblocked by non flying creatures and creatures with out reach.

Overall it's really just fun to play and Pilot.

there's a couple of exceptions like Shared Animosity and Mirror Entity the first card is for when I have large amount of tokens and the 2nd card for when Tana is attacking and no blockers are declared I pump her up to gain a lot of tokens.

Now elesh norn is the bane of my existence hence the removal package but luckily if you're in a multiplayer game it doesn't stay around long no one's happy to see it hit the field.

If anyone can think of any cards that would fit this deck let me know.


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20 up votes, thank you all so much!!

I really appreciate all of the feedback you've given me. This is one of my favorite decks and I'm glad to see other people are interested in it.

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