Welcome to my commander deck featuring the fiery shoto, Ken, Burning Brawler

The deck functions as a voltron spellslinger deck. The idea is to suit up Ken, swing with him and cast free Sorcery spells. As with any voltron strategy protecting Ken is vital for casting those free spells. Thankfully, due to the spellslinger aspect of the deck, the deck still performs without Ken, should he cost too much to be castable. Though, one of the main wincons is commander damage.

The Shoryuken ability is interesting. Firstly, Ken only needs to deal combat damage. Should he trample through, he gets multiple triggers. Secondly, you can only cast Sorcery spells, meaning Instants go to waste. For this reason, we primarily run Sorcery spells for our gameplan. We still rum a small package of instant speed removal, with classic white spells Swords to Plowshares and Path to Exile, alongside multiple sources for protecting Ken with cards like Mithril Coat, Boros Charm, Lorehold Command and Fight as One. This is because you should always be able to react whenever required.

For the Sorcery spells, there's a wide variety of targets with varying mana costs. Some notable fun inclusions are Into the Maw of Hell to get rid of pesky Maze of Ith's while functioning as removal too. Reversal of Fortune for getting a free spell from our fellow spellslingers and Evangelize to take control of our opponents creatures, with buyback!

But for us to get all the free goodness, we need to Tatsu our way through. There's a broad range of equipment which provide Trample, Evasion and most importantly, Protection with 'from X and Y' to Hexproof. Keeping Ken alive advances our gameplan much swifter. Keeping open a Red/White source to threaten First Strike too further adds protection when swinging. It's a shame the Prowess and Shoryuken ability seem to 'nonbo' a bit but Prowess has saved Ken before in the past.

To round out the description some other notable includes to the deck are Elspeth, Knight-Errant to provide repeated pump and evasion. Sigarda's Aid gives us flash and instant speed protection from our equipment. Silent Arbiter does a lot of work in the deck as it basically makes Ken guaranteed to get through. Smuggler's Share punishes our opponents for going too hard. Deflecting Palm is still one of the all time great 'Gotcha!' spells. Finally, would this even be a Ken deck if it didn't run Lightning Bolt?

Thanks for checking out my Ken, Burning Brawler (or if you came here when looking at Aisha of Sparks and Smoke) deck. The interesting combination of spellslinger and voltron is an enjoyable mixture and makes the gameplan entertaining. It's a lot less punishing than a true voltron deck when getting blown out due to our backup plan alongside Ken's low casting cost. His build in first strike makes him hard to kill in combat and a prime target for removal, hence why we pack so much protection in. If you enjoyed this deck, feel free to check out some of my other decks below:

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