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Mono-Green EDH - Ghalta

Commander / EDH


Ghalta, Primal Hunger EDH

Featured in the Elder Dinosaur Highlander episode of The Trinisphere.


Ghalta really only lends to one style of play: Punching people in the face. He discounts himself according to the total power of our board, so we're going with a creature-heavy ramp package with some abnormally large beaters thrown in the mix.

How It Plays

It surprises me how easily it is to cast Ghalta with just two or three guys on the battlefield. Getting him down fast and abusing his huge body with power-matters cards can quickly bury opponents in card advantage. Additionally, it is very difficult to deal with a 12/12 trampler that deals Commander damage, so attacking with our Commander will be our primary path to victory.

Card Selection


Coming soon.


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