Janky deck with a simple strategy: repeatedly return Massacre Girl to the battlefield to kill everything.

There are a few token generators, like Bitterblossom, Dreadhorde Invasion and Nuisance Engine for enabling complete wipeout through the commander's second ability, by repeatedly triggering it. Noncreature generators are preferred, since they don't die as easily.

For recursion, you may either get her killed and surprise your opponets with Feign Death and such, or return her to your hand with Getaway Car and Umbilicus, or straight up reanimate her with Victimize and Dread Return.

How to win, you ask? It's possible to do it via commander damage by augmenting the Girl's power with Lashwrithe, Nighthowler and Nightmare Lash, or drain oponents through cards like Agent of the Iron Throne.

Most removal is in the form of giving creatures -1/-1 because of Massacre Girl, Known Killer and also to keep with the theme. Other theme cards are Massacre Wurm and The Meathook Massacre.

EDH Deck for casual gaming. One of the first decks I’m trying to make happen. Please, all help is appreciated!


Updates Add

Out: 1x Dredging Claw 1x Blight Mound 1x Sedgemoor Witch 1x Heartless Act 1x Shriekmaw

In: 1x Whispersilk Cloak 1x Spawning Pit 1x Jadar, Ghoulcaller of Nephalia 1x Candy Grapple 1x Massacre Girl, Known Killer

Changed the claw for the cloak, since unblockable + protection seems better than menace, even considering the pricer mana costs for playing and equiping the card (Dredging Claw would in fact be free to equip most of times in extended games).

Changed the two worst token generators for better ones, including Spawning Pit, which doubles as a sac outlet and was in fact a suggestion by Basshunter.

Took out the (arguably) worst removals I was using to include a better one and the new card Massacre Girl, Known Killer. It is not yet legal until official release in a few days, but it does not really make sense keeping it out of playtest any longer.


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97% Casual


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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