Teysa has set out to accomplish the noble goal that will unite all humanity as one: Make anime real

Ron Paul attempted to make anime real once in 2008 and again in 2012, but unfortunately he was mono Blue.

Only pure Justice and Order could align the stars and bridge the gap between our 3D plane and the haven of waifus.

Are you a bad enough dude to rescue Earth?

The main goal of this deck is to end the game in a draw with either Divine Intervention or Celestial Convergence by taking the counters off of them early using Hex Parasite , Thrull Prarasite, and Vampire Hexmage .

Win condition: Cast Kaervek's Spite on the end step before it passes to your turn while you have Academy Rector on the field, fetch up Barren Glory and win on your upkeep.

Possible changes: - Considering on putting in more graveyard synergy to cheat out my big enchantments. - Replacing big creatures and enchantments with smaller enchantments to synergize with Serra's Sanctum earlier and fetches like Expedition Map to get it onto the field - Replacing stax cards with more pillow fort cards like Solitary Confinement , Aegis of the Gods , and Vow of Duty


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