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Link's Adventure (Galea, Kindler of Hope)

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A Legend of Zelda themed Deck with Link (Galea) at the helm! I'll be working on getting LoZ appropriate commissions and/or proxies or art sleeves after the deck is built. The deck will focus on taking advantage of Galea's ability to use the top of the library as an extension of the hand, as well as the ability to cheat equipment on to people. I'll be sticking as close to the Zelda theme as possible, while also attempting to craft a functional and fun deck. Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments!

Creatures/Creature Equips:

Galea- Link

Light Paws- Impa

Cattie-Bri- Zelda

Danitha Capashen- Nabooru

Danitha, New Benalia's Light- Sheik

Halvar- Ganondorf // Ganon

The Reality Chip- Navi

Sram- Darunia

Sythis- Ruto

Stoneforge Mystic- Happy Mask Salesman (rummaging through his bag for the perfect mask for any situation)

Esper Sentinel- The soldier guarding the gate to Death Mountain that gives you the Keeton mask

Llanowar Elves- Skull Kid

Birds of Paradise- Tingle

Noble Hierarch- Young Zelda

Invisible Stalker- Poe

Leonin Shakari- Young Link

Lion Sash- Silver Gauntlets

Puresteel Paladin- Phantom Ganon

Ardenn- Rauru

Cloudsteel Kirin- Epona

Augur of Autumn- Saria


Basilisk Collar- Bombchu

Colossus Hammer- Megaton Hammer

Sensei's Divining Top- Lens of Truth

Shadowspear- Razor Sword

Sol Ring- Giant's Wallet

Arcane Signet- Adult's Wallet

Belt of Giant Strength- Golden Gauntlets

Hero's Heirloom- Master Sword

Lightning Greaves- Bunny Hood

Swiftfoot Boots- Hover Boots

Sword of the Animist- Kokiri Sword

Talisman of Curiosity- Kokiri's Emerald

Talisman of Progress- Zora's Sapphire

Talisman of Unity- Goron's Ruby

Behemoth Sledge- Gilded Sword

Sword of Feast and Famine- Helix Sword (Fierce Diety's Sword/Mask)

Sword of Fire and Ice- Biggoron's Sword

Sword of Light and Shadow- Great Fairy's Sword

Grappling Hook- Hook Shot

Enchantments (Equipment 2.0 for Auras):

Audacity- Fairy Bow

Combat Research- Hylian Shield

Hyena Umbra- Deku Shield

Rancor- Slingshot

Sigarda's Aid- Farore's Wind

Swift Reconfiguration- Iron Boots

Utopia Sprawl- The Great Deku Tree

Wild Growth- The Lost Woods

All That Glitters- Mirror Shield (shiny)

Darksteel Mutation- Deku Butler's Son

Kenrith's Transformation- Magic Beans

Spirit Mantle- Nayru's Love

Staggering Insight- Ocarina of Time

Imprisoned in the Moon- Climax of Majora's Mask that takes place in the moon

Rhystic Study- Great Fairy

Song of the Dryads- Odd Mushroom

Instants (Songs/Spells):

Brainstorm- Epona's Song (I'm looking for my horse)

Enlightened Tutor- Zelda's Lullaby (grants access to my library)

Nature's Claim- Song of Storms (Storms ravage the countryside)

Swords to Plowshares- Prelude of Light (Get teleported to castle town, peasant!)

Tamiyo's Safekeeping- Saria's Song (Saria=home=safe)

Cyclonic Rift- Serenade of Water (cuz screw you [vague water temple reference])

Heroic Intervention- Sun's Song (Beat back the tides of darkness with the power of the sun!)

Beast Within- Minuet of Forest/ Wolfos (Cool, back-flipping Wolf Guy)

Generous Gift- Scarecrow's Song (Summon Pierre so we can Hookshot him! [lmao it actually works])

Teferi's Protection- Song of Time (Imma go forward in time to my next turn. Let me know when ya'll get there)


Steelshaper's Gift- Claim Check

Winds of Rath- Din's Fire


I'll represent each of the respective playable areas in the overworld, each temple, each dungeon, and Ganon's Castle.

Sideboard Flavor Mentions:

Kite Shield- Likely a replacement for Hylian Shield, in which case, I'd find something else for Combat Research.

Mox Opal- Triforce

Spidersilk Net- Hero's Bow (Wanted it to be the Bug Net, but, alas, that is not in OoT/MM. Fishing Rod, maybe?)

Mirror Shield- Mirror Shield (I'd do something else for All That Glitters, likely one of the Gauntlets and replace it with Goron's Bracelet)

Champion's Helm- Majora's Mask (currently trying to make room in the main for this)

Mithril Coat- Replacement for Nayru's Love and Spirit Mantle could shift to Gibdo Mask

Fencing Ace- Garo

Sunspear Shikari- Likely a replacement for Young Link and Leonin Shikari could shift to Maron.

Aura Shards- Biggest Bomb Bag

Rootwater Shaman- Replacement for Ruto which would make Sythis Maron

Hammer of Nazahn- Alternative Megaton Hammer

Gift of Immortality- Fairy in a Bottle

Steel of the Godhead- Replacement for the Master Sword and Hero's Heirloom could be MM Kokiri Sword

Loran's Escape- Zelda's Dream Prophecy

Tamiyo- undetermined and open for suggestions!

Hope you enjoyed the deck! Consider giving it a like, if you did, and feel free to leave me your thoughts- especially concerning my choices for flavor! Thanks!!


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