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Original Hosts of Mordor commander deck list below:

Sauron, Lord of the Rings Anger Cavern-Hoard Dragon Corsairs of Umbar Goblin Cratermaker Goblin Dark-Dwellers Grishnákh, Brash Instigator Gríma, Saruman's Footman Guttersnipe Hostage Taker Inferno Titan Knollspine Dragon Lord of the Nazgûl Merciless Executioner Monstrosity of the Lake Moria Scavenger Notion Thief Orcish Siegemaster Rampaging War Mammoth Saruman, the White Hand Scourge of the Throne Shelob, Dread Weaver Siege-Gang Commander The Balrog of Moria The Mouth of Sauron Treasure Nabber Troll of Khazad-dûm Voracious Fell Beast

Blasphemous Act Boon of the Wish-Giver Decree of Pain Deep Analysis Extract from Darkness Faithless Looting Feed the Swarm Languish Lidless Gaze Living Death Reanimate Subjugate the Hobbits Summons of Saruman Too Greedily, Too Deep Treason of Isengard Wake the Dragon

Arcane Denial Bitter Downfall Consider Fact or Fiction Forbidden Alchemy Thrill of Possibility

Arcane Signet Basalt Monolith Commander's Sphere Everflowing Chalice Mind Stone Relic of Sauron Sol Ring Worn Powerstone

Fiery Inscription In the Darkness Bind Them Revenge of Ravens Shiny Impetus Choked Estuary

Command Tower Crumbling Necropolis Desolate Lighthouse Dragonskull Summit Drowned Catacomb Evolving Wilds Field of Ruin Foreboding Ruins Frostboil Snarl 6 Island 7 Mountain Path of Ancestry Rogue's Passage Smoldering Marsh Sulfur Falls Sulfurous Springs Sunken Hollow 6 Swamp Terramorphic Expanse The Black Gate Underground River


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