I've been wanting to make an artifact focused EDH deck that uses janky utility artifacts, especially ones that care about charge counters. Meria, Scholar of Antiquity is perfect since she gives a purpose to cards that might in many situations be quite useless, I find it kinda funny that I'm unironically running Darksteel Relic for instance.

This deck is capable of both fast mana acceleration and massive mana generation once Meria is in play. Games are won by throwing this mana at the opponents, either in the form of big creatures, by facilitating the abuse of charge counter artifacts with tap/untap synergies, or with a powerful X effect.

I like to build little stories into my decks, in Meria's flavour text she asks "Why fear artifice?", thus I've purposefully not included any phyrexia-related cards except for Portal to Phyrexia - which Meria has just accidentally opened while tinkering on her Planar Bridge. Woops!

Thanks for looking, I welcome feedback of all sorts! =)


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