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Cantrip Like I Do: A List of Pauper-Legal Cantrips

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A list of all pauper-legal cantrips.

Being a list for pauper formats (60-card pauper and Pauper EDH, or PDH for short) means this list only contains cards that were printed at common rarity at least once. If a card has ever been printed as a common, in any released set, then it is pauper legal and meant for this list.

A cantrip (in terms of MtG) is a spell that "replaces itself," by having you draw another card as part of the spell's effects. Be it an enchantment, instant, sorcery or creature, if you end up with the same amount of cards in hand after you cast the spell, it's a cantrip and it belongs on this list.

The sideboard contains conditional cantrips, meaning you have a condition that must be met in order for these cards to act as cantrips.

"Slowtrips" are the first iteration of a cantrip, and these particular cards from older sets all make you wait until the beginning of the next turn (whoever's turn that may be) for you to draw the replacement card. These cards will be relegated to the maybeboard for now, until we find enough them to justify a separate list (or figure out a way to conveniently display them all).

This is meant to be a comprehensive list, so as always, if you know of any cantrips that should on this list, but aren't, please let us know and we will add them. Thanks for checking out this list!

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Updates Add

Updated list, adding cards from Ixilan, Rivals of Ixilan, Dominaria, Masters 25, Battlebond & Core Set 2019.