Dragon Mantle

Dragon Mantle

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

When Dragon Mantle enters the battlefield, draw a card.

Enchanted creature has ": This creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn."

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Dragon Mantle Discussion

BrassLord on Rakdos Dragon actual

2 months ago

Looks like a fun deck to pilot.

In reviewing the deck in it's current form, I can see a few different ways of trying to approach your problem. The first would be to double down on discard and reanimation effects to cheat the cards into play. Stuff like Winds of Change Wheel of Misfortune Wheel of Fate help filter through your deck and pair well with those other looting effects you already have. Adding in reanimation redundancy like Animate Dead could could also go.

I think the dragon...er... elephant in the room is the mana curve. Your commander incentivizes you to play big beefy dragons, but that skews your mana curve. Currently you have a LOT of low to the ground single mana producing artifacts (2cmc) and a few later game payoff ones, with the rest of your curve being around the 4-6 CMC. Another way to approach the mana problem is to double down on the big boy ramping artifacts, like Gilded Lotus . Then pair it Voltaic Key and Manifold Key so when it's online, you could actually hard cast some of those late game dragons!

The way mentioned above addresses the mana production head on. It'd also help if you paired some of this with some early game disruption to prevent opponents from getting ahead TOO quickly so you can't catch up. Cards like Mind Twist and Rakdos's Return can be backbreaking when ramped into early, shutting down the scariest player and allowing you to catchup with your dragons. Along those same lines, Torment of Hailfire is another staple big mana sink card to close games (though honestly, your dragons seem like they don't need that much help!) In a multiplayer game, cards like Fleshbag Marauder , Merciless Executioner , and Plaguecrafter can be removal in the early game and make utility spot removal reanimation targets later on.

Cuts I personally struggle with as well! I'd focus on whether or not the cards further your gameplan or promote you winning. For example, in the current list Dragon Mantle feels like a win more card, despite the fact that it cantrips. Unholy Indenture also feels the same way. But you should play the cards you like!

Happy Burninating!

Meachman on

5 months ago

With limited card draw in your colors, it might be worth playing some more cantrips that buff Bruse and replace themselves.

Bestial Fury and Fists of Flame give much-needed trample. Blindblast, Panic Spellbomb, Panic, Rile, and Stun get past lone blockers, while Key to the City gets past anyone. Shelter protects or allows to get past certain colors of blockers. Dragon Mantle gives you a big buff. Burnout prevents tricksy blue spells in combat or counters against your stuff.

Mind Stone and Commander's Sphere give you mana early and card draw late. Scrabbling Claws lets you hate on graveyards and draw if you need.

And since you have two commanders, Tome of Legends is doubly good.

BaneOfLordran on Boros Comboggro - Rogkroma

6 months ago

Sadly, jakeyuki12 you are right about my cute combo D: such a bummer lol.

that said you are right. I am using just cards I have pulled in my collection, so ramp and card draw is a bit limited. Do you have any suggestions? I opted for more card advantage over card draw due to limitations. cards like Tectonic Giant and Winota, Joiner of Forces as well as leaning more into the aura/equip theme with cantrips like Dragon Mantle.

So with this deck I wanted to go Voltron themed. As apposed to flooding the board with keyword soup like creatures i opted for equipment and auras that added keywords onto my creatures instead to synergize with akroma. That way i dont have to go too wide and worry about rebuilding. I just recast rog or drop another sweet equip synergy card and rebuild by reequiping.

I admit, this is really my first attempt at an aggro list, but I ripped akroma and knew I had to play her. The deck is designed around her ability more so than you are seeing I think. That and cards like Jeska's Will and Irencrag Feat let me "ramp" into her at the same time I can use that mana to reequip as well if I am in a pinch.

thanks for the feedback.

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