Target creature gains flying until end of turn.

Draw a card.

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Leap Discussion

Asmoeus on Duality Upgraded

4 days ago

Flood of Tears to replace Cyclonic Rift - budget replacement.

Impulse instead of Jeska's Will - budget replacement.

Leap vs. Shadow Rift

Reality Shift vs. Expansion / Explosion

Highland Lake instead of Steam Vents - budget replacement

Polaris on How does Ink-Treader Nephilim interact …

2 weeks ago

Ink-Treader Nephilim cares about players casting an instant or sorcery (that targets it specifically). Magecraft cares about casting or copying spells.

Any time Ink-Treader triggers, it will trigger all magecraft effects you control for each copy made (if you were the one who cast the spell, you'll trigger magecraft on the cast too).

For your first question, you'll cast Leap, copy it for the other three creatures (not Ink-Treader itself), and Storm-Kiln Artist will make four Treasure tokens.

For your second question, Veyran, Voice of Duality will apply as Ink-Treader has been triggered by you casting an instant,so Ink-Treader will copy it twice for each other creature. You'll end up resolving six copies of Leap plus the original, drawing seven cards, and Veyran's own trigger will give it a total of +14/+14 (just for funsies, he makes his own magecraft double trigger too).

Note, however, that Ink-Treader doesn't only copy it for your creatures; if you have four creatures out and your opponent has three, Leap will get all of them (barring protection or hexproof) and (at the cost of also giving the blockers flying) you'll draw seven cards and make seven Treasures with Storm-Kiln Artist, or draw thirteen cards and give Veyran +26/+26 with him instead.

Note also that Ink-Treader copies even if you weren't the caster. If your opponent hits it with Murder and you have four creatures and they have three, they will all die and you will make six Treasures (with Storm-Kiln) or copy Murder twelve times and give Veyran +24/+24 before it dies (and make 24 Treasures if you had Veyran AND Storm-Kiln out).

Veyran is somehow a Prismari card, despite making you do more math than Quandrix and being busted enough to pass for Simic.

Gidgetimer on How does Ink-Treader Nephilim interact …

2 weeks ago

Since Ink-Treader Nephilim copies for each creature and not each creature you control, these numbers are assuming that your opponents do not have any creatures.

You will create 4 treasures (1 for the cast and 1 for each copy).

You will copy Leap for each other creature twice. This will give Veyran, Voice of Duality +7/+7.

doodkyle on None

2 weeks ago

I'll give a few examples: Let's assume Ink-Treader Nephilim is on the battlefield along with Storm-Kiln Artist and 2 other creatures. If I cast Leap on ink-treader, and copy it for each creature, do I: 1: create 5 treasures (1 for the cast and 1 for each copy) 2: create 2 treasures (1 for the first cast, then 1 for the trigger that copies the spell)

Next example: Let's assume Ink-Treader Nephilim is on the battlefield along with Veyran, Voice of Duality and 2 other creatures. If I cast Leap on ink-treader do I cast leap on every other creature twice?

Milesfuzz on Spell Harmonicon

2 months ago

Beamsplitter Mage acts as a mini Zada/Mirrorwing Dragon. Makes all of your targeted cantrips pretty good!

Also there's a few extra cantrips to consider. - Leap - Cloak of Feathers - Cerulean Wisps - Renegade Tactics - Thermal Flux

Bad cantrips that are just good for triggering Zada/Magecraft/Mirrorwing - Twisted Image - Chilling Trap - Fleeting Distraction - Stream of Unconsciousness

multimedia on

3 months ago

Hey, well done for your first Commander deck.

Consider adding more one drop spells that can give Veyran evasion? That way she can more easily be a win condition with Commander damage. Having more one drops to cast on your turn to start Fork combos is helpful.

In the description Combos explanations you left out one of the better ones for repeatable infinite magecraft: Veyran + Narset's Reversal + Twinning Staff .

Start the combo on your turn by casting any instant or sorcery and then copy it with Reversal. Copies of Reversal are constantly copying each other on the stack which makes infinite copies. It's a repeatable combo because Reversal returns itself to your hand to cast again on your next turn. Shadow Rift or Slip Through Space are good one drops to first cast to copy with Reversal because it makes infinite power Veyran unblockable. Reversal can return itself as well as Rift or Space to your hand to cast again on your next turn and repeat.

Veyran + Reversal + Staff combo doesn't have to be on your turn. Can do it by copying an opponent's instant or sorcery with Reversal. This doesn't help Veyran to attack, but it can make infinite copies for Ral as a win condition or infinite triggers for other magecraft cards. Veyran + Narset's Reversal + Twinning Staff + Time Warp is repeatable extra turns attacking with infinite power Veyran. Reversal can return itself and Warp back to your hand.

Dualcaster Mage is another card to combo with Birgi, God of Storytelling  Flip with Snap for infinite magecraft triggers and infinite storm count because you repeatedly cast Dualcaster. With Veyran this combo is infinite red mana because Veyran triggers Birgi an additional time each time Dualcaster is cast.

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Kalamax Kopy

4 months ago

Hey, some advice to help to lower the mana curve is to consolidate all the six, five and four CMC cards. Choose the better ones and cut the others for lower CMC instants. An example for each is choose two of the better cards here.

Counting Kalamax there's 19 four drops here, which is a lot and this many is making the mana curve higher. Of these four drops the better ones are: Kalamax, Wilderness Reclamation , Rashmi, Eternities Crafter , Primal Amulet  Flip, Murmuring Mystic , Spark Double and Chemister's Insight . The others or at least half of the rest could be cut for lower CMC instants to reduce the mana curve.

If adding Reclaim + Regrowth then you don't really need any of the other higher CMC cards that can recur cards from your graveyard such as Surreal Memoir , Goblin Dark-Dwellers , Charmbreaker Devils , etc. These and others could be cut to help to reduce the mana curve. Solve the Equation is an excellent budget card with Kalamax since it can tutor for any instant or sorcery. It could replace a high CMC card since it can tutor the best instant in your deck. Equation and Regrowth are very good with Narset's Reversal since they're sorceries can repeatedly cast/copy with Reversal on your turns.

More ways to lower the mana curve is adding more low CMC instants that draw. This draw is fine without Kalamax and then after you control Kalamax equals a lot of draw for low mana cost. The low mana cost to amount of draw lets you potentially cast more instants on opponent's turns. To give you a better idea what I mean these are some greater than to less than card examples of potential changes to consider.

Other ideas are some low CMC instants that draw that also give Kalamax evasion, letting him more easily do combat damage to a player when he attacks. The drawback these spells have is you want to cast them on your turn since it's not ideal to cast them on an opponent's turn because then you won't get the evasion benefits for attacking.

Unleash Fury doesn't draw, but it can be a one instant kill spell with Kalamax for two mana. Doing 21 Commander damage to an opponent who didn't block Kalamax, but only if Kalamax has starting 5 or more power. Cast Fury, copy it with Kalamax which puts a counter on attacking tapped Kalamax giving him 6 power. The copy of Fury doubles the 6 power to 12 power and the original Fury doubles the 12 power to 24 power.

With Kalamax a Fork such as Expansion / Explosion is a like a supercharged Unleash Fury . Expansion can give tapped Kalamax infinite power with +1/+1 counters that stay on Kalamax as well as other value.

I offer more advice in another comment about how you could add more complexity to your deck with Forks.

KBash on Thousand-Year Storm + Veyran

4 months ago

Okay, my brain is extremely small.

Veyran, Voice of Duality is in play with Thousand-Year Storm and you cast a series of 1-mana cards.

First Brainstorm - no additional copies are created because no other instants or sorceries were cast this turn.

Second Expedite - you get the original, one copy from the first trigger, and another copy from Veyran doubling the trigger.

Third Leap - you get the original, two copies from the first trigger, and another pair of copies from the second trigger.

Is this accurate or did I make an error?

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