Faerie Miscreant

Faerie Miscreant

Creature — Faerie Rogue

Flying (This creature can't be blocked except by creatures with flying or reach.)

When Faerie Miscreant enters the battlefield, if you control another creature named Faerie Miscreant, draw a card.

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Faerie Miscreant Discussion

Gattison on U.S.S. Deathstar: NCC-1701-FU (Paunza)

3 days ago

taylorfisdboss: First of all, my bad for the kinda late response, but thanks for coming back!

Also thanks for telling me about Erosion. That's one of those cards that I didn't even know existed until now, which is awesome. As for the all-blue casting cost, I'm not as intimidated by that as I should be. The deck is already 50% blue as it is. However, for the other reasons you stated, it still may not be necessary.

I changed the decklist to reflect its "final form," at least temporarily for some playtesting. I took out Jhessian Thief and replaced it Faerie Miscreant... then took that out and replaced it with Wayfarer's Bauble. I also dropped 2x Raze and upped the land count.

It feels a little better now, but needs more testing to be sure.

Thanks for all your help, and you come up with anything else, even wacky, experimental ideas, feel free to let me know any time!

Metropolis39 on Modern Dimir Ninja Fae

1 month ago

Id be tempted to run more faeries like Faerie Miscreant but thats prob not the best

lagotripha on On the Prowl

5 months ago

Budget rogues is a sweet brew - I ran it a long while back. I really reccomend running as many 1 drop rogues as you can - I was running up to 12, alongside card draw to keep them going, preferring unblockables as you can to take advantage of blackguard/thought thief and prowl. The higher up the mana curve you go, the more expensive the list gets as it turns into the faerie/ninja style lists.

Frogtosser is a fun card, but without a second cheap cost reduction spell, its probably better just to play some cheaper cmc rogues, unless you plan to ramp into a particularly key card.

Most of the below cards are really cheap, and you should be able to test different kinds of shells using them. You can mess around with mostly blue shells and add some negates, or mostly black and add push - but the best thing about rogue decks is that so long as you keep switching it up your opponents won't know exactly what they are facing, and will have to play accordingly.

Key evasive 1 drops Black - Nightshade Stinger Shadow Alley Denizen Vampire Cutthroat Thieves' Guild Enforcer Changeling Outcast

Blue - Faerie Miscreant Merfolk Windrobber Slither Blade Triton Shorestalker Mothdust Changeling

Key card draw options Low removal meta - Curiosity , Curious Obsession Glint-Sleeve Siphoner

Morsel Theft is a lightning helix at the face that draws a card when you are hitting your opponent, but bad without a board state.

Key artifact meta - Thieving Skydiver

'sorta' card advantage options

Noggin Whack / Acquisitions Expert a solid 'no hand for you' plan does a lot to keep your rogues on the battlefield. If sieze/inq is out of budget, Bribery or plain old Duress variants can still get you there.

Cards to avoid (traps)

Disciple of Deceit - the card disadvantage and tap/untap on it is punishing. Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive relevant rogues already evasive Thieves' Fortune - if you are looking for answers its likely they've already stopped you hitting them in the face.

Secondly, Pyre of Heroes is an interesting option to turn 1 drops into 2 drops, letting you have more consistent access to lords like soaring or blackguard. It also dodges counterspells like vial, even if its not at instant speed and doesn't help after a wrath. Its worth testing with some proxies to see how it matches you against the decks you are likely to play, as artifact removal is common (but getting them to sideboard it in is also good). Glasspool Mimic  Flip is notable in this case as a way to search out a clone of a lord without taking up a full creature slot, while Zulaport Cutthroat offers an option to drain out an opponent (even if it doesn't trigger prowl).

I hope this helps - have fun brewing!

Alkadron on Araumi of the Dead Tide

9 months ago

If you're running bad cards for fun, toss in Faerie Miscreant.

Daedalus19876 on To Drown the World in Death: Araumi EDH [PRIMER]

9 months ago

VorelNailo: Thank you, I'm glad you like the deck! Yeah, I can definitely see a budget deck around her, she works great with lots of budget cards... My deck is only expensive because I had an Intuition and a Gilded Drake sitting around, haha. Most of the really important pieces are pretty cheap, with the exception of Phyrexian Altar. I'm also planning to rewrite the primer in a more orderly way, when I get some time :) I tested Faerie Miscreant in here, yeah! But honestly, I'm trying to avoid things which are only good with Araumi, since she tends to get shot on sight by my playgroup after a few blowout games...

I'll happily take a look at your list, if you want to drop a link! I'd love to hear more suggestions if you have them :D

VorelNailo on To Drown the World in Death: Araumi EDH [PRIMER]

9 months ago

Fabulous deck! I pulled Araumi in a draft and am currently building a budget deck around them - your list gave me many ideas.

One of my pet sort-of combos with Araumi is to encore a Faerie Miscreant, a card that otherwise will never be played in commander due to singleton :)

Fleetwood-Mat on Fleet's Faeries

1 year ago

Balaam__ if you're on a tighter budget, you could consider using Faerie Impostor or Faerie Miscreant, imposter relies a lot on Aether Vial though, so it really comes down to testing out different variation ideas that work for you... this is a semi-competitive deck build, so it has a fairly hefty price tag on it, but I put a lot of time and care into building this particular deck, and I've had it for a while and got many of the cards at a lower cost so it wasn't as big of an investment as it would be now. I also am not too familiar with some of the latest cards out now, but maybe there is something new you could find to substitute cards you don't have.

Magnanimous on Thoughts on Mutate?

1 year ago

Gleeock idk, I think you're looking at this wrong. If you have cheap creatures in a deck already, then mutating them for cheap gives you a cheap threat that comes with some sort of valuable ability. In a deck that runs enough mutate creatures, you could also make the choice to mutate onto an already mutated creatures for those lovely triggers at the cost of additional pressure.

A spell heavy deck that plays cheap creatures like Ornithopter or Krenko's Command with Sea-Dasher Octopus and Lore Drakkis could work nicely. Another angle in the same vein is Faeries. You play Bitterblossom, Spellstutter Sprite, Faerie Miscreant and then ninja in the mutate creatures. Also a B/W midrange deck with Bitterblossom, Lingering Souls, and Necropanther would be cool, and you could even go Esper to get access to the other mutate creatures. Think of an Abzan deck with Sawtusk Demolisher and tokens. That's a 4 CMC 6/6 Trampler AND a Beast Within.

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