Needle Drop

Needle Drop


Needle Drop deals 1 damage to target creature or player that was dealt damage this turn.

Draw a card.

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Needle Drop Discussion

jamochawoke on Elemental combo

1 month ago

Not sure if it's a pet card (if so I totally get it, I do that too) but personally I'd drop the Tectonic Giants and put in 2 of the Lightning Bolts from your sideboard and then put 2 Blood Moons in the sideboard since the Giant isn't doing what your deck wants to do which is stack spells and mana as quick as possible to get one of your ETB or Storm combos going. It seems at best to only pull you some cards if it attacks or someone throws removal at it and it doesn't have haste.

Light Up the Stage , Magmatic Insight , Dangerous Wager , or Needle Drop would help keep the cards coming much faster.

I run a more burn-oriented deck with an elemental sub-theme that uses those cards and the Steam-Kin and it performs pretty well: Unpunctuated Fire

TheVectornaut on The Burn deck

4 months ago

The best way to power up this deck would probably be to find lower CMC alternatives to Lightning Strike and Searing Spear , plus something a little stronger than Shock . Lava Spike and Rift Bolt are some popular options. With Thermo-Alchemist being an easy source of damage on demand, spectacle cards like Skewer the Critics and Light Up the Stage would be my personal choices. You also have a lot of lands for burn, so maybe Shard Volley or Searing Blaze could be on the table. Finally, any cantrip becomes a lot better with all of your creatures caring about them. In mono-red, the best options would probably be Manamorphose , Tormenting Voice / Cathartic Reunion , or Needle Drop .

ItsMeJax on The Fire Nation

7 months ago

Genderfluidia Its basically a free instant or sorcery trigger which lets me draw a card aswell. Ive had a turn where I had 4 mana and played Manamorphose into Finale of Promise to bring back the manamorphose and a Lava Spike which drew me 2 cards and gave me enough mana to play Needle Drop and a bolt. All while I had a Thermo-Alchemist pinging. Trust me it seems wierd but can combo with a lot of cards in the deck.

fatalzintomyum on MAGIC MISSILE (Pauper Burn)

9 months ago

even with 3 Forgotten Cave, this deck has more lands than what is now seen as best for burn. Consider cutting down to two caves and perhaps even another mountain, and of course, as I believe is now stock, and for a very good reason, replace molten rain with Cleansing Wildfire. It can be hard to pass up the damage, but having it be two mana is so important purely because the deck can sometimes stop at that number, and drawing a card is worth 2 damage, like in the case of Needle Drop.

Peoni on Kykar's Tokens & Cantrips

11 months ago

Accelerate, Crimson Wisps, and Magmatic Insight, and Needle Drop are all options for more red cantrips.

As was just recommended Docent of Perfection  Flip and Metallurgic Summonings are both good Young Pyro type cards.

I think after taking out Assemble and all those cards, then replacing Improbable and Mad Ratter, your deck as far as its main strategy and win cons goes is pretty solid. At this point I believe it would be a good move to work towards rounding out the deck with general purpose removal/hate/counters, because you should have no problem netting wins with the tools you have, but you also need to make sure you get to use your tools and your opponents don't get to use theirs. 2 more counters of your choice, and the aforementioned Swords to Plowshares and Chaos Warp would be my personal recommendations.

Adding in Banishing Knack also sounds like a good idea just for the sake of consistency.

I believe as this deck stands it's just about finished. :^) There's always room for tweaks and whatnot but I think you've got all the pieces for success put together and now you just gotta playtest it. I would be wary about adding too much more, or incorporating other strats that spread your deck thin and end up weakening your main focus. Even if you took out a few more cards I don't think you're working with a lot of potential slots for new additions, so you gotta make sure those slots count and really enhance what you're trying to do as a whole. This is the part of deck building I hate lol. Never enough card slots. :^(

Neotrup on Can you use Needle Drop …

1 year ago

As Shape_Shifter alluded to, if you cast it with a legal target (such as a creature that was dealt damage) and the target is no longer there when Needle Drop tries to resolve, it will fizzle and you will not draw the card. In order to begin the process of casting, there does need to be a target initially as well, as Rhadamanthus stated.

Rhadamanthus on Can you use Needle Drop …

1 year ago

You won't be able to cast the spell.

If a spell has targets then you're only allowed to cast it if you're able to choose enough legal targets for it. If no creature or player has taken damage this turn then you won't be able to cast Needle Drop.

redace10 on Attempt at Kykar cEDH

2 years ago

Suggestions for pushing the deck? Purphoros, God of the Forge would be #1 on my list. Cast enough spells and just kill everyone.

Mishra's Bauble is another 0-drop you could run. It doesn't do a whole lot, but storm decks generally need all the eggs they can get their hands on.

A relatively simple combo for kykar is Sensei's Divining Top and Future Sight . Or top and Magus of the Future . Or Mystic Forge and top. This will let you draw your whole deck with kykar out, then win with either lab man or the newest Jace from WoS.

1 drop red can-trips are what really push Kykar into storm, and with Purphoros or Impact Tremors out it's a great way to churn through your deck and kill people. Warlord's Fury , Crash Through , Magmatic Insight , Renegade Tactics , Needle Drop , Dragon Mantle . These all essentially lower the card count of the deck by being free with Kykar out.

Another pet card of mine I really like is Mirror Entity . On top of being a boost for all of Kykar's evasive tokens(and also itself being a spirit), I really like that it can turn all other tokens on your field(from Young Pyromancer , Monastery Mentor , Murmuring Mystic , etc.) into spirits too for just one mana.

Hope I helped. Happy spell-slinging!

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