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$5 Foot Long (Jodah)

Commander / EDH


-The original pay $5 (pay all 5 colors) get a foot long (incredibly powerful spells). Jodah has seen civilizations rise and fall, and has outlasted them all. He arms himself with only the most powerful spells from across the ages. Unleash them, and watch your opponents fall to their knees to a greater power. Warning! this deck is fairly strong. Make sure folks are cool with that, otherwise... DESTROY THEM ALL >:)

-Early Game: The only way this deck fails is if the early game stalls out. Mana Ramp, Get Allara (WUBGR) amongst your color base. Taking starting Hands with a simic base is ideal. I designed it so that cheaper spells are mana ramp, and draw cards. Mana fix with Chromatic Lantern . Even after the early game ALWAYS seek out more mana. This deck is hungry and needs more than just 1 foot long sub to operate. The lands in the deck are as flexible as I could make it without spending hundreds of dollars. Triple lands work really well although they're slow. Furthermore, the deck has a MINIMUM, of 2, of each basic land for fetching purposes. I highly suggest you at least keep that as a rule of thumb.

-Mid Game: This is simple and easy. BOARD WIPES! Destroy everything and anything your opponent(s) put out. We must exhaust them, any attempts at rebuilding will be silenced! There are a few board wipes that will allow you to keep creatures In Garruk's Wake , Duneblast . Also ways to make Jodah (or any other creature) indestructible Shielded by Faith , Darksteel Plate , Gift of Immortality .

-Late Game: Just win... it's so easy with this deck. The most straight forward win is Enter the Infinite and Omniscience Note: Nexus of Fate allows you to enter the infinite and have unlimited extra turns. This deck is loaded with plenty of devastating creatures, all of which are all made worse by Blade of Selves (except legendaries). Rise of the Dark Realms is devastating assuming you've been blowing up the board in the mid game. Emergent Ultimatum wins 90% of time (choose Omniscience , Enter the Infinite , Time Stretch ). The most stylish and on-flavor win is nicol bolas and elder spell. Get all 3 planeswalkers on the board, use the elder spell on all but Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God . Use the ultimate. Door to Nothingness should be in every Jodah deck. You're going to build your mana base to produce 2X WUBRG might as well win for doing so.

-Final thoughts; YOU DO NOT NEED LAND TAX. I Just happen to have one I got for free. Longer games favor this deck, so you should be willing to wipe parts of your board if it means ruining opponent(s) game. I chose powerful sorceries because dropping big creatures has been done before and are easier to interact with. Jodah, is archmage eternal after all, he should be sorcerer supreme status. Side board helps adjust for a duel vs. multiplayer.


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