Gladecover Scout

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Gladecover Scout

Creature — Elf Scout

Hexproof (This creature can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control.)

wallisface on Mutate, Mutate, Mutate, Mutate

2 months ago

Some thoughts:

  • Your mana curve is waaay too high. Typically Modern decks can't justify running more than 4 cards costing 4-or-more mana - you've got a whopping 12 (or 10 accounting for mutate costs). Yes you have some limited ramp and cost reductions, but not nearly enough to justify this very steep curve. Generally speaking, you want the Average CMC of a deck to be at-or-below 2.3ish... at the moment you're sitting at 3.3.

  • The above problem is made worse by having nothing to do on turn 1 - meaning you're always starting a full turn behind your opponent, which is a really dangerous place to be. In particular, you should be at least aiming to replace your ramp cards (Paradise Druid Pollywog Symbiote, Field Trip) with 1-mana options, so that you can get to larger amounts of mana quickly.

  • 21 lands is too low. For comparison, Burn decks run 20, and only play spells costing 1-2 mana (and are happy being stuck on 1 land for a lot of the early game). Imo you want to go up at least to 23-24, possibly more depending what your end mana-curve looks like.

  • A lot of your noncreature spells just don't do anything. Solve the Equation is a lot of mana when it's not really getting you anything specifically useful/game-breaking. Field Trip is too much mana for a ramp card when Rampant Growth and Utopia Sprawl exist. Igneous Inspiration should be Lightning Bolt (importantly the learn mechanic is pretty bad because all the Lesson cards are terrible - so don't play those Learn cards for that reason). Double Major is cute but you have nothing worth copying, and to cast it and a spell requires too much mana.

  • You need a lot more interaction - at the moment your opponent is going to mostly be able to do what they want, which means you're losing every game where the opponent is faster than you - and you'll have to way to catch up if you ever fall behind. As mentioned before, Lightning Bolt would be useful here, but in general you just want more ways to mess with what the opponent is doing. Mutate in particular is very slow, so you need to waste a LOT of the opponents time to get it operational.

  • Your creatures currently look very vulnerable to the opponents killspells - in particular when you mutate a few cards on-top of one-another, the opponent is costing you multiple cards for their one killspell, which will in a lot of cases just lose you the game. You need ways to ensure your creatures stay safe from interaction - my first thoughts would be running creatures like Gladecover Scout and Slippery Bogle to make your creatures almost-entirely immune to enemy interaction.

wallisface on A Blessing from the Lord

3 months ago

Example decklists and writeup here

The basic premise is that ordinarily auras are pretty weak because you lose too many cards to the opponents interaction (killspells). Creatures like Gladecover Scout and Slippery Bogle aim to remove this weakness by being unable to get targetted, and then quickly amass a large collection of auras to out-race and overwhelm the opponent

MorbidDrop on Alseid of Life's Bounty + …

8 months ago

New Player: I know that Alseid of Life's Bounty causes aura cards on the selected card with matching color to the color chosen to provide protection from being removed, does this still apply because Gladecover Scout has hexproof? For example, if I sacrifice Life's bounty to give Gladecover scout protection from white and Sentinel's Eyes is attached to Gladecover Scout, does that card have to be discarded?

Aizea on Bogles Remix

8 months ago

wallisface Thank you for your feedback on this deck! I'm new to modern and still learning a lot.

  • The reason I titled this deck as "remix" is because it isn't a normal bogles deck. I have ordered a playset of Gladecover Scout and agree they do have a place in the deck, but want to test them out first to see how they would best fit.
  • Witchstalker and Loxodon Smiter are in the deck because my local meta has a lot of blue/black decks with lots of counter and discard. Witchstalker still is a bit too slow so it is a good contender to be replaced by Gladecover Scout
  • Fleecemane Lion is also slow to get hexproof and indestructible, but it is good against other aggro decks or decks that ramp and put out big creatures quickly. Its more of a flexibility option if my opponent isn't running heavy removal.
  • Gods Willing is another flexibility option for me personally because it can protect Fleecemane Lion and Loxodon Smiter, but it also is good for winning the game by making sure the opponent cant block. For example, even with trample if they have a 5/5 on the board that's 5 less damage im doing because they blocked. It also helps me win a trade if its necessary. If I'm blocking a creature that would kill my hexproof creature it instead does no damage to my creature.
  • I am looking at other enchantments to include in the deck. I think Gryff's Boon would be a good addition because it gives flying. I also like Sentinel's Eyes as an option.
  • As for the 3-drops: as stated previously Witchstalker can be traded out. Unflinching Courage is worth it in my opinion because it gives so much. The lifelink and +2/+2 are just all around good effects for the deck. Loxodon Smiter as stated previously is something specific for my local meta, which has a ton of counter cards.
  • Ajani is in the deck mostly because this deck was made of cards I had on hand after playing standard for a few years in 2013. The flying and double strike ability is nice and has been a game winner several times in these past couple weeks I've been playing. Definitely open to taking him out!

Thank you again for your feedback and taking the time to offer advice

wallisface on Bogles Remix

8 months ago

Some thoughts:

  • normal bogle decks generally rely on Gladecover Scout and Slippery Bogle. While Bassara Tower Archer might be kindof ok, Witchstalker is waay too slow, and both Fleecemane Lion and Loxodon Smiter have no kind of protection to justify them being here.

  • the main point of a bogles deck is that the opponent has no easy way to interact with your board. If you have to run Gods Willing, you’re doing it wrong.

  • you probably want a LOT more enchantments to make use of Ethereal Armor, as well as secure a quick win. Bogles deck generally want the game to be over by turn 4-5, because the strategy becomes increasingly weaker as the opponents board-state develops.

  • I think you probably want to try to lower your mana curve a bit. You’ve got a lot of 3-drops in the deck for what is traditionally a hyper-aggressive archetype.

  • Why is Ajani here?

Barbarian_Sun_Pope on King of the Monsters

10 months ago

I think most of the creatures here are well within reasonable casting cost for the amount of ramp you have in the deck. Yidaro is the exception, but Yidaro's alternative casting cost is easy enough to achieve. That being said, have you considered Porcuparrot or possibly hexproof enablers like Slippery Bogle or Gladecover Scout? Porcuparrot is really good with deathtouch as it can kill any creature it can target. Hexproof makes it safer to mutate a lot on a single creature. Hope this helps.

Icbrgr on Saheeli Altar/Cat 3rd place FNM!

1 year ago

Tonight I placed 3rd out of 10 players at FNM..... I replaced Spell Pierce with Force of Negation in the sideboard (It never came up). I have been attending my LGS for the passed few weeks and have been placing last or tied for last with some of my beloved homebrews; but tonight i wanted to take the gloves off and bring my "more competitive" deck.

Lost Game 1 Vs Ponza: (0-2)

This was a nightmare... game one and early Karn, the Great Creator came down and I scooped looking to change me wincon to Felidar Guardian.... game 2 I kept a 2 lander (A fetchland and a shockland not quite realizing/understanding i was facing Ponza)... Utopia Sprawl shenanigans into an early Blood Moon and I conceded rather than giving him the satisfaction of watching me squirm lol..... yikes... I was feeling really bad after this one.

Won Game 2 Vs Bogles (2-0)

Basically for both games i was just able to combo off before the Gladecover Scout was able to do me in... I was lucky and opened both Rip Aparts for game 2 which made Daybreak Coronet into a brick and it was G.G.s

Won Game 3 Vs Goblins (2-0)

I recognized this player and as soon as i saw the Mountain and the first Goblin I knew what I was up against and was holding onto my Lightning Bolts for the combo enabling goblins.... I drew swiftly into my own Mill combo winning game one and opted for some trickery for game 2 expecting a lot more artifact hate/removal in a mostly Goblin deck; so i took out my sorcery speed removal and put in additional Felidar Guardians. They made for life saving blockers and on the follow up Saheeli Rai was able to make all of the Cats for the win.

So tonight I had what I consider to be great success and am feeling like a winner and thought id share! I did not face the Crashing Footfalls/Living End players this evening and affinity was nowhere to be found tonight...Those decks and Ponza seem to be the decks to beat at this LGS.

wallisface on

1 year ago

The following is an example list i've thrown together. depending on your budget running 4 colours might be a bit tricky, but it shouldn't be too hard to turn this back into a 2-3 colour deck either.

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