Complete Esper Control here. Oloro gains us an automatic two life every turn, no matter what. This let's us take some beats early on and still be alright or the added bonus of damage lands not effecting us. It’s a little slow but that’s ok as we are in this for the long game. Being able to lock things down through Counterspells, Board Wipes, Spot Removal spells, Emblems, life gain and lots of draw, making it easier to get to the cards you need faster.

Our main wincon is our Commander and Psychosis Crawler. Oloro gains us 2 life, we pay to draw a card and they lose a life. Then because we drew a card, the Crawler makes them lose another life. Then we draw for the turn, so the Crawler deals a third damage and that's before we have even went to Main Phase. Our deck is stacked with enough life gain and card draw to just siphon your opponents life away and it even works in multiplayer games.

Another easy wincon is Aetherflux Reservoir. With Oloro, it only takes us five turns to get to fifty life. Turn 5, cast the Reservoir and then a one drop spell that gets us to fifty two life and we can go for the kill. It's even easier when we get our tap lands in to gain a life or even manage to play Kambal turn three and get some extra life that way.

Thanks for checking out the deck. Upvote if you liked it or comment with any suggestions.


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