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Kaalia's Angelic Host (Heavenly Inferno Upgrade)

Commander / EDH Angels Budget Casual Demons Dragons RBW (Mardu)



Decklist last updated: 05/25/18

Description last updated: 3/1/18

This deck is a budget improvement of the pre-con deck from the original commander series "Heavenly Inferno". Spending ~$60 will get you from the base pre-con to this moderately upgraded version. My playgroup is a moderately competitive one, and by no means is this list fully upgraded. That being said, for those not interested in CEDH and wanting a more casual fun throw-big-flying-things-at-your-opponents experience, consider giving this deck a try.

Kaalia wins games as you would expect, by attacking with angels, demons, and dragons very early on and crushing your opponents before they have a chance to assemble their combos or grow their board states. The goal is to get Kaalia of the Vast out as early as possible, ideally on turn 3 which can be done using any of our turn 2 artifact ramps cards like Boros Signet, Orzhov Signet, Rakdos Signet, or Fellwar Stone out before turn 3. Sol Ring and Mind Stone can also fill this niche, though it requires all of the colors to come from your 3 lands.

Once Kaalia of the Vast is out on the field, you want to prioritize killing off whichever opponent is most likely to have an early boardwipe or whoever has the fastest deck first, since they have the highest chance of stopping your rampage. Every turn you should be attacking with Kaalia of the Vast and her wide assortment of flying beaters, knocking down life totals like dominoes. Don't worry too much about blockers, since you should be able to outrace most opponents fairly easily. For those opponents that can match your tempo however, we have cards like Ghostly Prison, Angelic Arbiter, and Archfiend of Depravity to slow down aggression. We can also manipulate the tapping of our creatures by using Reconnaissance to untap and remove our creatures from combat after dealing combat damage but before the combat phase is over (yes this is legal) to have blockers and give everything a pseudo form of vigilance.

To keep Kaalia of the Vast alive we have cards like Mother of Runes, Basandra, Battle Seraph, Deathless Angel, Reconnaissance, Whispersilk Cloak, and Lightning Greaves. These help make sure she connects and survives long enough for us to dump our fliers on the field for free.

Some versions of these cards are more expensive than others. The versions in this list are specific to my collection, so the overall cost of the deck can likely be found for less than tappedout says


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