I original built this deck to be good but not competitive. As such, I did not include many infinite combos or degenerate plays. I now seek to change that, and make this deck win as fast and consistently as possible regardless of how degenerate that makes it.

The deck plays out rather simlpy. In the early game I set up by drawing cards, getting mana advantage via things like solemn simalicrum, sol ring, and coalition relic. In the mid game I use my many counterspells to control the game and stall into the late game. Late game I win by overpowering my opponent with one of my large creatures or spells, back up by many counterspells.

Time warps in this deck are very good, as I get to use them twice via dralnu. I use this to great effect as it is, but an infinite turn loop would be something I am seeking.

The Maybeboard is cards I know I should play but don't own at the moment.


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