So, what's this here you ask? This my friend is the quiet revolution, the secret revenge of all and every goat in Magic: the Gathering that had to endure being laughed at for it's skinny stats or being so-called "unplayable".

Aaand probably another reference most people won't get....

With this deck, you want to politely and carefully play along while building up your mana. Do your opponents small favors. Nothing too impressive, just give them enough to "like" you. That little extra Land to fix their colors ( Oath of Lieges / Rainbow Vale ), let them have a few cards ( Humble Defector ) to make up for their poor draw or just save them from greater harm and provide blockers for free( Hunted Phantasm / Equal Treatment ).

Every now and then you might be able to benefit from their development ( Curse of Opulence ) and keep the balance should someone gain an edge too great to control ( Gilded Drake , Wrath of God ). Keep them entertained so that everyone has an interest in keeping you alive. If necessary, defend yourself with Smoke , Propaganda and Tokens until you reach eight to ten mana. Also, slowly start to manipulate their plays by forging alliances and spreading your gifts accordingly. Once they've setteled on somebody clearly being "the threat" at the table, speed up their downfall with even more curses (little do they know about who's being the threat, MUHAHAHA).

By now at least one player should be down, with the remaining ones actively bashing at it each other. If things are'nt looking too grim, and you're still sitting atop a comfortable amount of life, now might be the right time to give them things they never wanted to have in the first place. Form of the Dragon / Illusions of Grandeur , anyone? Otherwise, just get ahead through massive carddraw with Zedruu and overwhelm from there whoever is left at the table. Mission accomplished.

Chamber of Manipulation + Bazaar Trader

Well known by most casual players, if you take a creature with Chamber of Manipulation and donate it to yourself with Bazaar Trader, the creature will stay on your side of the table at end of turn since the Trader's effect overwrites the delayed triggered ability ("...return that...") of the Chamber. Nice! This works as well with Catch and Insurrection of course.

Wild Research + Mistveil Plains

The most relevant cards in here are enchantments, while most support spells are instants. See a pattern?! Right, and Wild Research gets them all. With Mistveil Plains around, you don't have to worry about discarding them randomly since you can just put them back into your deck right away.


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Thinking of adding more "stealing" elements -> maybeboard...

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