I've been wanting to make a Simic landfall/lands matter deck for a while now, and Tatyova, Benthic Druid is the perfect commander. There are a ton of ways in this deck to play extra lands, return them to your hand to play them again, sacrifice them for value then get them back from the graveyard, and so on. And every time you play one, if Tatyova is in play, you'll draw a card and gain 1 life. She keeps your deck going and keeps you in the game.

The support creatures still include a few moonfolk, but less than I previously had. I've added an untapping lands theme partly to ramp but also for Winged Temple of Orazca in particular. It is great on its own, but if you could activate it twice or three times, you could one-shot someone with commander damage or just finish off someone with low life.

Speaking of life, one win condition is Aetherflux Reservoir, to which Tatyova lends additional support. The ideal combo is still to play Eternity Vessel with more than 50 life, then Aetherflux, then a bunch of lands to reset your life total after each 50 damage burn. But if your opponents allow you to gain enough life, that might not even be necessary.

The deck has quite a few group hug dynamics that may dissuade opponents from attacking you, as well as some minor tempo and control elements as well. For the right occasion, however, there are things like Wave of Vitriol and Sunder for more of a group slug dynamic. Squall Line also falls into that category and is meant to capitalize on having more life than your opponents and lots of mana.

Beside all of this, there are still several great beat down creatures and spells like Overwhelming Stampede and Sunbringer's Touch to pump them up and give them trample.

Overall, the deck is a lot of fun with many ways to win. And it definitely can win.

Suggestions welcome!


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