Wave of Vitriol


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CM1) Rare
Commander 2014 (C14) Rare

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Wave of Vitriol


Each player sacrifices all artifacts, enchantments, and nonbasic lands he or she controls. For each land sacrificed this way, its controller may search his or her library for a basic land card and put it onto the battlefield tapped. Then each player who searched his or her library this way shuffles it.

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Wave of Vitriol Discussion

Titus78 on Kamahl, Fist of Krosa

3 days ago

Kamerot I got Wave of Vitriol , Doubling Season , Primalcrux , Fauna Shaman and Life from the Loam and would like to add them in. Here is what I'm thinking Wave of vitriol for Natural Affinity then doubling season for Selvala, Heart of the Wilds (I know she is great but I decided to buy doubling season instead because it creates soooo much value.) next up is Primalcrux for Timber Protector then I would was thinking about possibly putting Fauna Shaman in for Beast Whisperer what do you think? oh and I really wasn't to sure what to do for life from the loam do you have any suggestions? would it even be good in this deck?

Kamerot on Kamahl, Fist of Krosa

2 weeks ago

If you're needing a big body, then go with Primalcrux, I ran it for a long time and it fits every theme of the deck. It is never a dead card and scales throughout the game.

If your card draw is lacking, add in Regal Force and Shamanic Revelation, both will help refill your hand. Another option that's similar to beast whisperer is Garruk's Packleader, it's on etb, but restricted to creatures with power 3 and up. Still a solid card.

End-Raze Forerunners is a solid card, my only concern is, he is 8 mana and with kamahl, you can spend 5 to give your creatures +3/+3 and trample or spend 10 to give +6/+6 and trample. He may be worth playtesting at the very least for your deck though.

And lastly, I would run Wave of Vitriol over rampage of the clans. It costs more, but giving your opponents a bunch of 3/3's can be dangerous, wave only gives basic lands and if it's a 3+ color deck, could potentially wipe out their mana base while giving next to nothing back.

Titus78 on Kamahl, Fist of Krosa

2 weeks ago

Kamerot hey I gotta couple more questions for you about the my version of your Kamahal deck. first is do you think that my deck has enough big creatures in it, after play 3 rounds in a row and not ever getting more than maybe say one per round I'm starting to think I might need more possibly Managorger Hydra or Primalcrux what do you think? (maybe I was just very unlucky?)

also I was looking at the spoilers for Ravnica Allegiance and I saw some cards that I think might have potential in this deck mainly the card called Green Enchantment just because I feel Beast Whisperer is not doing as well as I thought it was because you HAVE to cast it the I think etbs are more versatile. next is End-Raze Forerunners nothing much to say other than it has haste and buffs. lastly is the card Rampage of the Clans over what I have Wave of Vitriol am still not to sure what better the new one maybe because it's 3 less and is an instant but it gives them creatures or with Wave of Vitriol which gives them lands. I'd love to get your opinion on these two. also is even worth playing control cards in this deck or should I just worry about going face asap?

Wredny_Dziad on Maelstrom Wanderer Aggro

3 weeks ago

@Osbert Thank You very much for Your deep study on my deck. Here are my anwsers:

  • I've been using Crystal Shard, Erratic Portal some time ago and I wasn't happy with that. Just imagine that You cascade in one of these instead of some big nasty creature - impact on the board is too small. I don't need cut cost of casting Commander thanks to many ramp cards, also if Maelstrom Wanderer is still on the board then it's time to cast creatures from hand, they will have haste so impact is good enough (in other circumstances creature cards left at hand would be dead cards because most of time You cast Commander only).
  • About making top deck stronger there are two things that prevent me from putting cards You listed (well, there is third reason - I don't have most of these:) ). First is that I really like randomness of cascades (it's still limited by card selection). Second is just the same like with bouncing cards - cascading into them will make one cast of commander weaker. Still there is Sensei's Divining Top for top decking, which is also a lifesaver when You need next land drop and I won't cut it out.
  • I run Lurking Predators only - because that card doesn't need mana to activate (most of times Commander eat almost all of mana) and it's working just fine without any help. Sometimes it's better to leave land on top deck (if more mana is needed for next cast from command zone), sometimes You are already overextended and expect wrath effect spell from others.
  • Well Oath of Druids is tempting because it could make early game more than just ramping. Still these creatures won't have haste (and my ETB effects won't change much) and opponents can also use Oath's effect to put creatures from their decks making more blockers, ramp or even combo. I need to see that card in action because now I can't predict if it will make advantage or disadvantage.
  • There isn't too much standard spot removal besides of Beast Within (already is in deck) and Pongify which is very cheap (only one blue mana). Also there are some kind of removals: Inferno Titan, Phyrexian Ingester, Terastodon, Tyrant's Familiar, Primal Command, Warstorm Surge (plus creatures entering board). If that's not enough AOE cards will try to compensate. I will keep in mind Krosan Grip and Reality Shift (didn't know second card, it's really nice when facing indestructible creatures)). But Wave of Vitriol can hit me also and probably will wait long on hand. Song of the Dryads still can be removed and threat would return.
  • From these Mystic Confluence and Cryptic Command most valuable are abilities that make Commander and creatures more evasive (this deck doesn't need more card draw) and of course occasional counterspelling. But, so far, evasion from creatures, lands and some spot or AOE removals were just enough to deal damage (especially overloaded Cyclonic Rift).
  • Already got Mystical Tutor in this deck. And yes - it's great. It can go for Tooth and Nail or Cyclonic Rift, even when facing mana screw I sometimes use it for ramp spell. Worldly Tutor could make more control over deck (or top decking) but still I prefer to cast Commander than casting single creature and like that randomness.
  • About strange cards in my deck: Burnished Hart well I could change it for something better - can You give me some ideas (especially cards that put 2 lands)? Ixidron - You don't have to cast card that fit cascade requirements (they can go to the bottom of library) so it won't hurt controlled creatures, also Commander comes into play AFTER cascades resolve (he is on the stack until then) so it will never hurt him. This card can hit very hard other commanders as they won't go to command zone. It's weakness is that it won't affect tokens but I take that risk. Curse of the Swine has exile effect (which is quite rare in RUG) and it can be single or multi target I keep it for that versality (even if it does not have synergy with Commander). Knowledge Exploitation is for 7 mana so it can be cascaded for free, also I have enough mana to cast it from hand. Best case scenario is when it hits with first cascade, then You can go for some funny card from opponent deck (some kind of wrath effect) and then cast creature from second cascade - it will result in clear board and then Maelstrom Wanderer and that other creature will come.

Osbert on Maelstrom Wanderer Aggro

3 weeks ago

Really sorry for the double post but I forgot to mention a few things.... Where is your spot removal because one Ethersworn Canonist or Curse of Exhaustion makes you a very sad person. I'd run Beast Within, Song of the Dryads, Krosan Grip, Reality Shift, and maybe even Wave of Vitriol.

Variable counter spells like Mystic Confluence and Cryptic Command also would be great as they aren't dead cards off cascades.

Tutors like Mystical Tutor and Worldly Tutor are easy includes if you want to throw money at the deck (although mystical did just get a reprint in the Jace collection)

Cards I'm confused why you are playing: Burnished Hart (Terrible ramp when compared to green ramp), Ixidron (Humilities your big value cards), Curse of the Swine (Non-bo with cascade), and Knowledge Exploitation (No Rogues in deck).

goldlion on Google Ghave, Search Engine of Doom *Help Wanted*

2 months ago

Also hkhssweiss, to your first comment. I actually have a side list going of cards like Old-Growth Dryads and such, though a couple you mentioned weren't on there.e I'm calling these "temptations" as they aren't quite mandatory searches, but might make someone thiiiiink about it a bit :). "Are those two lands worth 10 life to you right now?". The temptations I have on the deck list now are there because they hugely benefit the deck's pilot compared to their CMC, because opponents getting to find stuff too is usually a downside... of course in this deck, opponents won't want to search in most cases, so it's huge value for the deck's pilot.

I wanted to leave the other card slots open for now, before adding the cards you're thinking of, so I can make sure everything I need to set up and support the win-con can fit... however, now that I'm going over these again, Veteran Explorer could be good enough value and triggerable by Ghaves built in sac engine, and Wave of Vitriol might be good as well, depending on the opposing decks and if Ramunap Excavator or Crucible of Worlds are in my near future. Sweet!

hkhssweiss on Google Ghave, Search Engine of Doom *Help Wanted*

2 months ago

Here might be a few janky cards: Old-Growth Dryads, Veteran Explorer, Natural Balance, Borderland Explorer, Jungle Wayfinder, and Wave of Vitriol.

You can also consider running Mindslaver to force someone to tutor while you have Ob Nixilis on the field and kill themselves LOL!

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