Desperate Gambit

Desperate Gambit


Choose a source you control and flip a coin. If you win the flip, the next time that source would deal damage this turn, it deals double that damage instead. If you lose the flip, the next time it would deal damage this turn, prevent that damage.

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Set Rarity
Weatherlight (WTH) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Limited Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Vintage Legal
Unformat Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Desperate Gambit Discussion

davidlbd on One heartless punch

5 months ago

Hello WarpedZerghead and thanks for your suggestion :)

I feel like I have enough redundancy for this kind of effect with Dictate of the Twin Gods, Gratuitous Violence, Quest for Pure Flame, Overblaze, Fiendish Duo and Desperate Gambit.

In addition, Furnace of Rath is nice but I find upsides to each other damage doubler I actually run.

tanman on RNG Rakdos

1 year ago

so seems like a fun deck but I think you should add more rng coin flipping I like the demon imp and devil subtheme but krark's other thumb actually doesn't seem to have a trigger in the deck but here are some cards that flip coins in those colors Aleatory Boompile Chance Encounter Chaotic Goo Chaotic Strike Creepy Doll Crooked Scales Desperate Gambit Fiery Gambit Fighting Chance Game of Chaos Goblin Archaeologist Goblin Bomb Goblin Kaboomist Karplusan Minotaur Mana Clash Planar Chaos Puppet's Verdict Risky Move those are the ones i found and i think you should run at least some of them

NoOneOfConsequence on Insert Coin To Play - [Primer]

1 year ago

If I were you, I'd follow the '25%' rule--that is, yes, you obviously don't want to just jam all the crap in the game that says 'flip a coin' into this deck and forget to include things like card draw and counterspells and so on. Nonetheless, even 75% of your deck being dedicated to your 'theme' is fine. Maybe something like Fighting Chance or even Desperate Gambit might be worth playing here, for situations I'm sure you can imagine. Don't go cutting your coin-flipping cards for them, though (unless they're just strictly worse)!

poorpinkus on Evening the Odds - An actual decent coin flip deck

1 year ago

BMHKain Looks like it'll work pretty well so far! Seems like a higher-budget version of this deck.

Some things that you could change: Tide of War personally was never worth it, since it discourages attacking and puts a target on your head for 6 mana, and usually you'll want people to attack for cards like Desperate Gambit and Impulsive Maneuvers (and you don't want Okaum dying with a huge amount of P/T either). Two-Headed Giant is on-flavour, but he doesn't actually work with your commanders. Skyclaw Thrash and Mijae Djinn tend to not have a big effect on the board since the biggest wincon is usually either Chance Encounter or Okaum (although I understand if he gets hated out a lot). If you're going for a higher-power deck, you could probably remove even more coin flip cards like Crooked Scales, Mogg Assassin and Volatile Rig, replacing them with mass removal, unblockable enablers or different on-theme cards like Chaos Warp or Stitch in Time. I definitely think that Lightning Greaves and Chandra's Ignition are huge cards for my deck, so I'd really suggest using them, and if you are looking to go on the more control side with Zndrsplt, Planar Chaos would be a good addition. Maybe even Laboratory Maniac depending on how many cards you're getting from the additional draw engines (with Impulsive Maneuvers it's easy to draw a ton of cards, and you have Frenetic Efreet which lets you flip as many coins as you want, not to mention Krark's Thumb), although I didn't go for that angle since my deck focuses more on killing with Okaum.

As for positives, I like the idea of Sunbird's Invocation, Tyrant of Discord and Etali, Primal Storm! They fit the flavour of the deck while adding more value. I think in general you have a good spread of card advantage and wincons. It looks like you're going for more general value with Zndrsplt and a splash of unblockable for Okaum, which seems like a good take on the deck since Okaum is a wincon without much extra effort. The cheeky Drift of Phantasms is a great way to find Frenetic Efreet or Fabricate (for Krark's Thumb) as well, and I actually meant to include Muddle the Mixture but forgot, that's a great card for the deck!

DrkNinja on

1 year ago

Look I think you need to commit to the coin flipping or to being competitive, I don't think you can do both here. With that in mind...

And if you really just want PURE chaos... Like possibly not winning you the game type chaos, Grip of Chaos

MushroomKing30 on One Punch Man, Okaun Voltron

1 year ago

I agree, you don’t get rewarded everytime, but you also dont lose a lot, since you basically cantrip Plus, it makes for some really memorable moments, like how one time, my opponent decided to let my 6/6 okaun through, cuz, well, his board was more important than 6 commander damage. I play Desperate Gambit, won the coinflip, and suddenly he was dead, everyone was up on their feet xD it was awesome, and it’s moments like that i remember why i play okaun/zndrsplt xD

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