Ravenous Trap


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar (ZEN) Uncommon

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Ravenous Trap

Instant — Trap

If an opponent had three or more cards put into his or her graveyard from anywhere this turn, you may pay 0 rather than pay Ravenous Trap's mana cost.

Exile all cards from target player's graveyard.

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Ravenous Trap Discussion

sonnet666 on KillDatBUG

1 week ago

It and the Walking Ballista are really what I'm most interested in.

I throw in the Delay and the 2 Ravenous Traps on my end. That's like $4 in your favor. How bout it?

TheSurgeon on Artificial Dark Chocolate (3.4)

1 week ago

Grubbernaut- perhaps I'll SB some Ravenous Trap. It won't cost anything leaving my mana open, solving both issues.

BeachLA on Green big beasts (budget)

1 month ago

Needs more cheap mana acceleration i think, if you can afford Utopia Sprawl that is a great one. Flying or artifact defense ain't hard to get in green. Nature's Claim is one very efficient answer for those artifacts and Plummet and Clip Wings for those fliers. Also i wonder why is that Eidolon of Blossoms in the deck, you should really consider swapping it for something else like for example Terra Stomper or Thragtusk if your trying to play this deck any competitively.. You should look to put some graveyard hate to the sideboard too, probably in the form of Ravenous Trap or Relic of Progenitus.

Hope you had any help from this :)

Icbrgr on If Blood Moon is weak ...

2 months ago

If a mill assited beatdown with growing creatures seems to be too much of a stretch.... does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve my Eldrazi issue?.... i thought Ravenous Trap/Surgical Extraction/Relic of Progenitus seemed like good answers.... but because of the triggered ability the opponent still gets to get their GY back into their library and i have to start over... thats what broke me/took me into this "cheeky" direction.

Xica on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

2 months ago

If we are talking about storm for example, its highly recommended to play around "free" hate like Surgical Extraction or Ravenous Trap.
Those cards are things you can expect in game 2 or 3 if you rely on grave.

Control is a viable strategy, and if you are on control, not beatdown, spells that work for sure, are better than spells that provide tempo.
(Supreme Verdict>Anger of the Gods, Logic Knot>Remand, Path to Exile>Fatal Push... etc.)

sylvannos on Mill help, and suggestions needed.

2 months ago

One of the important things to remember when playing mill is that your opponent basically starts the game with 53 life instead of 20, since that's how many cards will be in their library to start with.

As such, you want your mill cards to be as cost-effective as possible. Otherwise, you're just playing a really bad version of Burn. One Lightning Bolt is equal to 15% of a person's starting life total (3 out of 20). That's 15% for one mana. Your mill cards should be in the same ballpark.

Curse of the Bloody Tome, on the other hand, is rather inefficient. You're spending three mana to chip away less than 4% of your opponent's "life total" each turn. Curse of the Pierced Heart already does 5% of your opponent's life each turn, for less mana! Nevermind something like Lava Spike doing 4 turns of damage that a Curse of the Bloody Tome would do. Glimpse the Unthinkable is the most cost-effective mill card, so you'll definitely want to splash black.

Archive Trap and Hedron Crab, etc. are great win conditions. But keep in mind--they're win conditions. You still have to pay attention to board state and keep your opponent under control with countermagic and disruption. Otherwise, they'll just race you before you can mill them out.

Since you're in Mono-Blue for the time being, I would build around Sphinx's Tutelage and Elixir of Immortality. Essentially, you're looking to play Sphinx's Tutelage as soon as you can protect it, then spend the rest of the game playing draw-go while keeping your hand full via Visions of Beyond, Opt/Serum Visions (or both), and Thought Scour.

There's 2 examples you should look into that can be built for less than $100:

I'd also look into various Mono-Blue Turns deck lists because they have similar issues and themes Mill runs into:

Because you aren't playing the more cost effective mill cards that let you play like a Burn deck, you basically have to stall your opponent out until they die to Sphinx's Tutelage/Jace's Erasure. Exhaustion, Gigadrowse, Mana Leak, Remand, Vapor Snag, Boomerang, and so on are going to be your key pieces. You'll probably want Tormod's Crypt/Ravenous Trap/Relic of Progenitus in your sideboard to deal with Emrakul, the Aeons Torn (and the other Eldrazi titans), along with Dredge and Goryo's Vengeance.

EmblemMan on Quests and Traps Outside of ...

3 months ago

AMJacker Mindbreak Trap sees more play tbh and Ravenous Trap has seen play

Dergam on Does grafdigger's cage stops a ...

4 months ago

I'm thinking of graveyard hate for my esper mill deck, but I think that running Grafdigger's Cage would be a bad idea, since I'll try to play with 4 Surgical Extraction on my main. I guess Ravenous Trap, Hide/Seek and Relic of Progenitus would be better.

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