Longtusk Cub


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Uncommon

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Longtusk Cub

Creature — Cat

Whenever Longtusk Cub deals combat damage to a player, you get (two energy counters).

Pay : Put a +1/+1 counter on Longtusk Cub

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Longtusk Cub Discussion

djnewellmit on UG Hadana Pummeler

3 days ago

I like that Hadana's Climb  Flip should be relatively easy to flip by either using its own counters, or accelerated using a Longtusk Cub or Bristling Hydra that may already have some counters, or at least some energy handy to make some on the spot. The merfolk deck I mentioned above had no problem flipping the Climb on the turn after resolving it by targeting a merfolk that already had one +1/+1 counter.

Here's the decklist from MTGGoldfish at least: UG by VMania. My sideboard guess above was a little off - it looks like this pilot is going for the fast, aggro, under the countermagic plan with 2x Thriving Turtle and one more Greenbelt Rampager in the side.

Pabs4444 on Every Day I'm Pummelin'

1 week ago

djnewellmit First of all, thank you so much for responding! I would like to apologize for how long it has taken me to respond. I was typing up a thoughtful response, but it got cleared away for a second time. Now I think I may just try to address many of your points in more than 1 comment. Thank you for addressing the mana base. I am aware it is low, but I have also been considering boosting it. I understand having a low land count makes mulligans more likely, but I have chosen on the route of having more gas in my deck because (as you know from having a pummeler deck yourself) there are certain ways you expect turns 2 and 3 to go. Because of that, mulligans happen more often due to either flooding/mana screwed but also having the wrong proportions of creatures and pump spells. In my experience, Servant of the Conduit is the main reason why this deck is able to work. In my opinion, it is often as good as or better than Attune was. Now, because they were both green, they were almost always played together in the same deck. But now I'm going on a tangent... As I was saying, Servant of the Conduit is awesome because of the ability to ramp into Bristling Hydra or playing an on curve Lathnu Hellion allows for a turn 3 without pummeler to still have a string impact.

Both Longtusk Cub and Aether Chaser are good cards. Cub was an amazing card in the meta. That os actually one of the main reasons I chose to not have it. In the meta, all sideboards needed to have an answer to an on curve cub and Hazoret the Fervent. Also, cub does not come into play with energy. Playing a card that create energy when it ETB is more important in this deck just because we want to be able to have the energy before combat so we have the possibility to pump pummeler (or another of our energy sync's). Aether Chaser is a great card in this deck. I just found that I wanted more pump spells and that was a card that left the list. I also had another card that I felt competed with it which was Aethertorch Renegade. As I just mentioned earlier, coming into play and immediately making energy is crucial to me in this deck and coming into play with 4 energy is the most i have seen from a card, especially a 3 drop that can stay back to block at the very least. That second part about dealing 6 to the face is just a beautiful bonus. Both of those cards may come back to the deck at some point.

I do want Heroic Intervention in the deck somewhere. That is why I have it in the Maybeboard. The amount of removal in this meta that is not just spot removal is very high. Not just that, but it could work as a semi combat trick with all of the different pump spells. I just do not know what to take out. I was considering taking out the 1 Blossoming Defense from the sideboard as well as 1 Scrapheap Scrounger. I mainly have Scrapheap in the sideboard to be ale to put in of decks with sweepers, but needing the black mana to come back requires either Servant of the Conduit or Aether Hub. I also have Destructive Tampering in the maybeboard and considered switching it with Insult. Insult is better against decks with a low amount of creatures and decks that will turn all of their creatures sideways every turn while Destructive Tampering can allow for all of our creatures to swing in against a token deck when they thought they may have been safe. What are your thoughts?

I am defiantly siding out my Pummelers in a good portion of the games because of how much removal there is for both creatures AND artifacts. That is where the bigger creatures in my side board come into play.

Aethersphere Harvester is such a good card! I really want to get it. It's just a bit expensive at this point for the sideboard. I am planning on getting it soon; I just need to know what to replace it with. Probably the rest of Scrapheap Scroungers. Lifecrafter's bestiary does not do enough for 3 cmc in this deck in my opinion. We'd rather be putting down creatures or something that produces energy. The goal is also to have as little artifacts as needed after side boarding to have their artifact removal be mostly dead in hand. That's the hope at least, lol.

Wow. Long reply. Sorry about that. I do want to thank you again for all the advice! I forgot about about a few of the cards and changes you had mentioned. I will defiantly look into tweaking the deck and incorporating some of your suggestions.

djnewellmit on Every Day I'm Pummelin'

1 week ago

This looks like a good continuation of the post-Attune RG Pummeler. However, I think you are dangerously low on your land count with only 20. Even when we still had Attune with Aether, I rarely saw Pummeler decks below 21 lands. If I were to cut anything to make room, I would drop 2-3 Built to Smash and add 2 more Sheltered Thicket, then move the 4th Blossoming Defense to the mainboard. With your full playsets of Invigorated Rampage and Larger Than Life, the loss of Built to Smash shouldn't be a big concern. Sheltered Thicket is better in a post-Attune meta, where the deck doesn't really have a turn 1 play, so a tapped land is ok; plus in the late game, cycling allows you to mitigate flooding out.

You might also want to bring your creature count up a little to around 20; with that standard Pummeler builds of around 20-23 creatures, I still find myself more often than not with plenty of pump spells and no creatures alive to target. Again, to make room you can cut the Built to Smash to bring in one or two more Lathnu Hellion and/or the fourth Bristling Hydra. Other good creature options that I've used with good success in RG Pummler are Longtusk Cub and the over-looked Aether Chaser; the Chaser's first strike makes it practically unblockable when you are holding Invigorated Rampage, plus popping out Servos can occasionally give you pump targets after all your maindeck creatures are eaten by targeted removal.

I like Woodweaver's Puzzleknot; my UG version is looking to get similar use out of the Glassblower's Puzzleknot.

For your sideboard, I would definitely recommend at least a couple copies of Heroic Intervention. In games 2 and 3, it works very well against the Fumigate and Sweltering Suns. I've found it useful to swap out a couple Blossoming Defense and bring in the Heroic Intervention. But I'm also siding out a few Pummelers (especially if I killed them with it game 1) as they will bring in a lot of sweepers and spot removal to target it.

Another good contender for your sideboard is Aethersphere Harvester. The Harvester can stop all the aggro and token decks in their tracks since they don't want to attack into a loss of a creature, plus lifegain for you. I'd probably trade out your 3x Scrapheap Scrounger for at least a pair of Harvesters, and maybe a Lifecrafter's Bestiary if you have one. I bring the Bestiary in against control decks, and as a bonus it will occasionally eat an Abrade brought in to combat your Pummeler.

djnewellmit on Wrigley Field (Cubs' Monument)

2 weeks ago

1-0 vs GB explore; on the play, he quit when I started comboing off Rhonas's Monument; no mull.

1-0 vs UG merfolk; on the play, he quit with my 2xLongtusk Cub, Winding Constrictor, and Verdurous Gearhulk on the battlefield; no mull.

1-1 vs RW Approach
Game 1 - win, on the play, no mull
Game 2 - loss, on play, Chandra into double Approach
Game 3 - server crash, on play, one mull; about even board state at crash.
Sideboard in: Duress, Lost Legacy, Heroic Intervention
Out: Fatal Push, Rhonas's Monument

Shyvana_ on Hour of Cat-astrophe

3 weeks ago

Hey Darsul, thanks for commenting! I had posted an Update earlier about how I was going to insert Huatli, Radiant Champion and Radiant Destiny into the deck, but it didn't post, and I didn't want to rewrite those three paragraphs.

Though, I am not running Longtusk Cub because for a couple reasons, one, I didn't have it at the time the deck was being made, and two, Adorned Pouncer is a so much better two-drop than Longtusk Cub in this deck. My wincon is hitting an Resilient Khenra + Appeal / Authority on either Adorned Pouncer or Oketra the True and hitting for a ridiculous amount. Longtusk Cub is a one-pump chump to say the least.

Darsul on Hour of Cat-astrophe

3 weeks ago

I think Cat's can be really strong right now, Huatli, Radiant Champion, Radiant Destiny and The Immortal Sun (yes, doesn't make Huatli good for the deck then) all could help out the deck and warrant testing.

No Longtusk Cub hun?

imoutogetyou on Cloudfin Constrictors

3 weeks ago

Let me blow your mind, cause you really dont seem to want to run visionary. Imagine the sick sick value off of a Greenbelt Rampager. If you want to go down the energy route Longtusk Cub would have great synergy here too. Which would let you bounce the elephant all day long.

multimedia on Radiant Elves (RIX)

3 weeks ago

Thanks Darsul for the upvote.

Last weekend the first two big Standard tournaments after the bans happened, MTGO Standard PTQ and SCG Dallas Standard Classic. The results are very disappointing for tribal out of the top 32 decks in the MTGO PTQ there's not even one tribal deck :( Gruul Monsters with Commune with Dinosaurs, Regisaur Alpha, Thrashing Brontodon and Ghalta, Primal Hunger is the only tribal synergies, but even this deck is not considered tribal. In fact out of both tournaments Temur Dinosaurs in the Classic is the only tribal deck that placed, it placed 7th.

Tribal is being held back I think because for two reasons: shitty manabases and red. It appears that Wizards really messed up by not giving enemy colors Check lands in RIX as this would make the mana for both Simic Merfolk and Orzhov Vamps a tier above where it's at. Perhaps, Wizards is scared that if they print enemy colored Pain lands in Dominaria that tribal decks will then have too big of a manabase advantage. Well they have to print some kind of good enemy or tri-color lands in Dominaria because these color combos are behind ally colors in Standard. I wish they didn't think like this because they're very bad at predicting anything about what Standard will be like. Give the players good manabases, not broken ones and let them guide Standard. Current enemy colored manabases are a huge damper on tribal decks from flourishing.

Red appears to have all the tools to stop tribal: cheap mana early game removal Magma Spray Abrade, board wipes Sweltering Suns as well as go over the top with Glorybringer. Red has too many tools to stop tribal even after banning Rampaging Ferocidon, it doesn't matter.

The overall results however are encouraging for Standard because there's 18 different varying archetypes represented in the top 32 decks of the MTGO PTQ which is a lot and 11 different archetypes of the top 16 in the Classic. Red is overwhelming present and looks to be back to dominating Standard. Banning both Ramunap Ruins and Rampaging Ferocidon you would think would take red down a notch, but that's not the case. Yikes, I hate to think what red would be like if those two cards were still in Standard.

Players took the easy road no creativity, playing already established archetypes: Mardu Vehicles and Mono-Red that dominated when Temur Energy was not the best deck. Gixis Midrange is also a no brainer deck because just looking at the cards it's Rakdos good stuff with blue for The Scarab God, Torrential Gearhulk and Negate, boring. There's some high spots however for creative decks in the Classic. Azorius Auras is very interesting, it's creator Jim Davis I respect him for bringing something new to the table. Izzet Winds is another brew that placed and Abzan Tokens while not a new concept, it's good to see tokens place.

One Sultai Midrange with Servant of the Conduit, one Golgari Midrange with Winding Constrictor and one Gruul Monsters with some Dinos, in the MTGO PTQ green is the least played color. The Classic is a little better, but not much with four decks playing green: one Temur Dinos, two Gruul Monsters and one Golgari Midrange placing in the top 16. Explore has replaced energy as the green mechanic of choice. Banning Attune with Aether and Rogue Refiner looks to have stifled green. Seeing no Longtusk Cub or Bristling Hydra are clear signs that energy in green is dead. Jadelight Ranger and Ghalta, Primal Hunger from RIX are the bright spots for green.

The top played deck of the MTGO PTQ is Grixis Midrange with energy accounting for 8 decks in top 32. Energy is however not the reason this deck is so good its because it can play Chandra, Torch of Defiance, Glorybringer and best of all The Scarab God. This trifecta of threats is hard for any deck to completely deal with. Glint-Sleeve Siphoner and Harnessed Lightning are by far the most represented energy cards in both tournaments. In the Classic Grixis Midrange is less represented only two decks placed, 11th and 14th which is a positive sign it might not be as dominate.

Mardu Vehicles with Hazoret the Fervent won the MTGO PTQ and Mono-Red with you guessed it Hazoret won the Classic. Vehicles winning is very surprising because Abrade is a such a good removal spell for red and it wrecks Vehicles and crew.

The most played card in both tournaments is Chandra, Torch of Defiance. Chandra has always been a very good card, played in the two best previous decks Temur Energy and Ramunap Red, but looking at the amount of Chandras in decklists in these tournaments is sickening. She's set to become a real powerhouse in Standard because she's being played in all midrange, aggro and control which is impressive for a four drop. She's already ridiculously expensive more than $30, but I expect her to be a $50 Magic card soon. Mostly because she works so well alongside Glorybringer, the new Phoenix Rekindling Phoenix and Sweltering Suns.

Have to keep in mind that the sampling of Standard tournament ready decks is very small with just results from these two tournaments. The Standard meta is definitely not solved, not even close, but in the beginnings of a new Standard aggro usually reigns supreme because it's a sure thing to play in an unknown meta game and new Standard that's just been effected by bans.

Tribal Merfolk and Vamps have been unfortunately printed as aggro tribes, you would think because of this that the beginnings of this new Standard they would fit right in, but this is not the case at all. So much so that it's pretty alarming.

Given these results how can I adapt this deck? Stay tuned.

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