Longtusk Cub

Creature — Cat

Whenever Longtusk Cub deals combat damage to a player, you get (two energy counters).

Pay : Put a +1/+1 counter on Longtusk Cub

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Longtusk Cub Discussion

shagg on Amon-Cat

1 day ago

I would go down to 21 lands and include 3-4 Attune with Aether, and a few Aether Hubs if you want. The energy can either be for Longtusk Cub or Aether Hub fuel, as the situation demands. Not that I'm a MTG gugu, but I always swap a few land out for a few Attune with Aether when I play green. Makes it easy to fetch whatever color land you're short on, and makes you a little less likely to draw land late in the game.

Felidar Guardian was just banned in standard, so you'll have to cut it to be legal. Felidar Cub is a great dual purpose creature, there are a lot of new enchantments in AMK (though we've yet to see if many will end up in competitive decks). Creature wise, I'm personally not a fan of Oketra the True and Initiate's Companion . Metallic Mimic can give you another way to strengthen your cats.

Depending on how many 2 cmc creatures you end up with, Watchers of the Dead could go to sideboard. I would probably drop Oketra's Monument too as you don't have much for white creatures.

Cat Tribal seems fun, but I don't know if it's possible to fine tune it into something that can compete against vehicles, b/g counters, and the control decks out there.

Reverse830 on Death By Teacup (-1/-1 Counters)

2 days ago

I'm aware of how Aetherwork's Marvel interacts with tokens. Demon of Dark Schemes actually does in the same manner, but unlike Aetherworks, it's not limited by tapping in the actual spending of that energy. With either one out, you will have a massive amount of energy, that's not in question. What I think you would want is additional uses for that energy, since the Marvel is highly unlikely to be able to spend it all.

Heck, even Bristling Hydra or Longtusk Cub work as energy sinks (and -1/-1 counter sinks, if you need). Running Marvel with suicidal tokens is going to produce way more energy than you could possibly use without artifact untapping (which is largely Blue's domain, so unavailable in this deck).

shagg on Cheezburger Tribal

3 days ago

Initiate's Companion vs Longtusk Cub: I had myself convinced that Companion was worth it, but I have to agree with you, Longtusk Cub wins in the more important ways and gives an outlet for the little bit of ebergy in the deck besides the Aether Hubs.

Vizier of Deferment: Yeah, not a cat, I realize. My reason for including them anyway, especially over Felidar Guardian, was utility. This card can be used several ways. I can, with a little effort (have to attack or block with it first), use it to bounce my royal caracal and get a few more cats. Or, I can flash her in and bounce an attacker (not everything has positive ETB triggers, and there's a fair number of negative ones in amonkhet) and block another. Compare this to Felidar Guardian. Guardian costs 1 more, gets all the cat tribal bonuses and has better stats, but without flash it can't affect you're opponents combat phase. At the moment I feel the flash justifies the loss of tribal bonuses, but this will require some testing before I'm convinced one way or the other. There is a case to be made for Felidar Guardian though ... I forgot it can hit enchantments too. I don't want to trade creatures for removal at this point, so if I include Cast Out other cuts will be made.

Cartouche, Solidarity vs Strength: Apart from the +1/+1 they each bring, the differences are first strike and a 1/1 token creature at 1 cmc vs trample and a "fight" affect for 3 cmc. I leaned away from fight and towards first strike because I don't much for big attackers, so targets to use the "fight" affect on that won't cost me a creature aren't going to be real common, and the trample ends up fairly ineffective. On the flip side, something with 3-4 attack and first strike can get a lot done for you. I get the sense that you're mostly trying to get some removal in for me here, but I'm thinking that Cast Out would be a better choice, and I could certainly drop down to 3 each on the trial and cartouche of solidarity.

Card Draw: Lifecrafter's Bestiary. Do you think I need more than that, with all the creatures in here? Benefaction of Rhonas looked pretty good as well. I don't see Key to the City being better, I have nothing that benefits from discarding.

If I come off as argumentative I apologize, I really appreciate the exchange of opinions.

Force_of_Willb on Cheezburger Tribal

4 days ago

I would remove Initiate's Companion for Longtusk Cub, the effect of hitting an opponent is much more relevant on Longtusk and the 1 touchness of Initiate will have you trading down more often. Longtusk also pairs well with a turn one Attune with Aether

Vizier of Deferment is not a cat :-( and only stops a problem creature for one turn and doubles opponents ETB triggers, I would replace with Cast Out as it targets more relevant things in standard and provides a solution for much longer... unless they have their own Felidar Cub ;-)

I would replace Cartouche of Silidarity with Cartouche of Strength as the current deck has little creature removal and the fighting seems better to me than vigilance.

For card draw there arent much options but maybe Key to the City could be an option. need to investigate card draw better. Key also works with Longtusk Cub.

Cut Trial of Solidarity to 2x and add 2x Felidar Guardian, doubling up on your Regal Caracal ETB triggers seems sweet and it can also hit Cartouche of Strength, or Cast Out.

Good luck with your deck.

FastHandsTam on Energistic Snake Bird Amigos

5 days ago

Hey! This is a super cool idea. Nissa seems to be pretty ramp focused. You want to be able to quickly get her to a reasonably high loyalty and then just start spewing out creatures, and Kiora can do something similar though less powerful. I would also then use more creatures, since you have Vizier of the Menagerie, Nissa, Steward of Elements and Kiora, Master of the Depths who are all creature focused.

I would suggest taking out Rashmi, Eternities Crafter because she is slow to come out, and has a small body. Similarly I think Kefnet the Mindful is much better suited for a pass-go style control deck. I would also remove the cartouche and trials you have, because they are not very powerful effects. Also New Perspectives could come out. In these slots you could add in creatures that are more suited for Nissa, Vizier and Kiora.

I would suggest adding in a Manglehorn or two, it has proved very effective. I think Prowling Serpopard is good but can be moved to the sideboard. I think then the best way to go for the rest of the deck is an energy theme, turning the deck into a ramp midrange/control. So I think Attune with Aether would be a great include, as well as Servant of the Conduit. This will allow you to keep a relatively low amount of lands, probably 22, while still paying high Mana costs easily. For creatures I would use Bristling Hydra, Rogue Refiner and possibly Longtusk Cub. Then you could also add in a few Tireless Trackers and maybe even Glimmer of Genius and replace Cancel with Disallow. This would add enough instants/sorceries for even a couple Torrential Gearhulk. There is also a great argument for including a couple Heart of Kiran because you will have Planeswalkers and creatures able to crew it, and it also turns on Rhonas the Indomitable. You will also have a few creatures that are big enough for Rhonas on their own, and others that can grow fairly quickly.

I think you can also cut down on your big, expensive flying creatures, and just keep a couple, as well as possibly cutting a Kiora and increasing your number of Nissa, Steward of Elements since she is a very flexible card with X in her Mana cost. Finally I would also cut one Vizier of the Menagerie.

Sorry, that was a lot! I just saw your list and was inspired! I love creative ideas like this one!

Alec@Bazzelle905 on Ah yes, Temur Tower... wait, that's not blue...

2 weeks ago

Personally I love the deck man great job thumbs up it seems consistent and actually has a good balance of spells to creature to enable dynavolt. I do however find that 4 Longtusk Cub seems like an unnecessary redundancy. doesn't having 4 end up with later cubs drawn into essentially 2 mana 2/2's more often then not? Wouldn't it be better to run 3 instead so you have good chance of getting one while not getting unnecessary extra copies late game? I think running an extra of another spell like Glint-Sleeve Siphoner would be a better trade considering it gets value later game just with it's etb and on attack as well rather then having to connect. plus if you are seeing wheenie decks Glint-Sleeve Siphoner will also get you a 2 for 1 if they don't want you to have it. Also I soticed half you're creatures are high investment like Glint-sleeve with card draw, longtusk cub and bristeling hydra with energy and counter's, have you thought of Blossoming Defense in the main deck or side board? I think it would be a good triple wammy as a dynavolt trigger, buff, as well as a protection for an easily 8/8 Longtusk Cub or a Glint-Sleeve Siphoner you might really need a draw from. Sorry for the long commit but I love the deck and it is actually something I am going to put together now. Great deck and I wish you many 4-0's in your future

Pentatoch on Please Help this deck

2 weeks ago

ImtheRealBear Thank you for your comment and time spent helping me. I appreciate it! I think I was using Subjugator Angel to just fill a creature card at that mana cost. Same with Kujar Seedsculptor I picked the best cards I could at that mana cost that would also supplement my strategy. I like Servant of the Conduit for a sideboard incase I find myself low on mana. As far as Aetherworks Marvel I think its good, but I am tight on space if I want to keep it to 60 cards and I am hoping I get energy from Aetherstorm Roc Empyreal Voyager and Longtusk Cub combined with my Panharmonicon.

MangaVentFreak13 on Amonkhat

2 weeks ago

It synergzies well with Longtusk Cub, Metallic Mimic, Oath of Ajani, Aethersphere Harvester and any planeswalkers I decide to run by making more things to block with, and adding extra energy/loyalty/+1/+1 counters I have on the field. There are some situations it's great but I might swap it with something else.

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