The monstrous trinity has come, and one of them just wants to consume...

Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger

along with its lineage only have one thing in mind, to devour all life from this plane.

With help or all on its own, Ulamog will suck the life out of anything one way or another. But to satiate a never-ending hunger requires a never-ending source of mana.


Infinite Colorless Mana is your first step in securing the win.

Ulamog, if deprived of sustenance, will run amok causing mass destruction along its path. This violent wave while already destructive in its own right, can still be amplified using different tools— eldritch or man-made alike.


Ulamog exiles all of defending player's library in just one swing!

Ugin, with thousands of lifetimes worth of wisdom, finally understood the Eldrazi's true purpose and decided to become an observer.


Draw your whole library.

"They were not supposed to be here. They were supposed to be away. Somehow, there was an away from Zendikar. There were many aways from Zendikar, and the Eldrazi knew, in so far as they could know anything, they should be there, and not here.

But they were here, and their purpose was to consume, and so they did."

—Drana's Stolen Memories


Put every permanent from your library onto the battlefield.

"What is that!?" yelled Lian. "That," said Sorin, his voice oddly calm, "is the end."


Exploit Ulamog's cast trigger with a sacrifice engine or the legendary rule and exile everything— including lands!

This deck is a fun, mid-tier, Eldrazi-themed deck that I love playing very much. Playing a colorless deck is very limiting, mana-expensive and painfully slow. But once left unchecked, it can be a serious threat.

The initial budget was supposed to be no more than $300 but everytime I see a card that I thought would fit this deck, the uncontrollable desire to spend my last gas money overcomes my rationale.

I play this mostly in EDH Tambayan's discord server - MID category, where 0 cmc fast mana rocks are highly discouraged.

Shout-out to Kenji and EDH Tambayan for helping me build and improve this 99!


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