This is an artifact-heavy deck with a focus on big creatures and powerful mana generation. It includes a variety of powerful cards such as Eldrazi creatures, mana acceleration artifacts, and utility cards. The deck aims to ramp up mana quickly and summon massive creatures to overwhelm the opponent.

To play this deck effectively, you should prioritize getting mana acceleration cards like Sol Ring, Mana Vault, and Grim Monolith onto the battlefield early.

Leverage the power of Urza's Mine, Urza's Tower, and Urza's Power Plant for significant mana production. Cards like Cloud Key and Conduit of Ruin can help you reduce the cost of your big Eldrazi creatures.

Consider using cards like Myr Welder, Metalworker, and Mystic Forge to generate additional resources or access cards from the top of your library.

Your win conditions mainly revolve around summoning powerful Eldrazi creatures like Emrakul, Kozilek, and Ulamog, which can be achieved with cards like Conduit of Ruin or Sanctum of Ugin. Once they hit the battlefield, they should pose a significant threat to your opponent.

Keep an eye on using cards like Karn, the Great Creator, and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon for board control and disruption. Additionally, All is Dust can serve as a board wipe in dire situations.

With this deck, you'll aim to control the game with powerful artifacts and Eldrazi creatures, overwhelming your opponent with your vast mana reserves and unstoppable creatures.


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