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Ruric Thar [Competitive] - Your Heart is a Muscle

Commander / EDH* Competitive RG (Gruul) Stax


This is the evolution of the Ruric Thar deck that I piloted to 2nd place in a highly competitive 45 person competetive EDH tourney in 2016.

Win-cons are kiki-conscripts (sometimes via T&N), Titania/Planeswalker + MLD , Shaman of Forgotten Ways (often powered by Treasonous Ogre or Cradle), or just Possibility Storm to lock things up + Beats.

I sometimes plug in the optional package of Twinflame + Dualcaster Mage just to keep em guessing.

Currently testing: Planar Chaos, Stranglehold, Sudden Demise, Great Oak Guardian


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