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Quick Disclaimer

I'm posting this Deck, because I want to hear some ideas and suggestions on how to improve the Deck, without adding cards that cost tons of $$$ such as LED.

Also: This Deck is not meant to be cEDH level, but rather be able to play at pretty much any non competetive table without being oppressive or underpowered.

Another also: Even though I don't mind playing against those cards, I myself don't like playing cards such as Torment of Hailfire or Exsanguinate .

What's the Gameplan?

Well, the main focus of the deck is to crap out plenty of value by continously drawing cards and getting out extra lands. While its main wincon is to combo off with Kaya's Ghostform , the deck is not meant to win at turns 4 or 5, but instead to do some good old grinding with some very definite ways to finish the game at some point.

The Combos/Wincons

  1. Kaya's Ghostform + Muldrotha: With Phyrexian Altar , you essentially get infinite ETB and LTB triggers and the ability to play as many cards from your graveyard as you want. This can be abused by drawing your entire deck with Guardian Project , Risen Reef or Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner . With that in mind you can just win by either generating infinite Mana with Lotus Petal or straight up win with Jace, Wielder of Mysteries (who I like way more than Lab Man, since it is not a dead draw outside of comboing). If you already have a Lotus Petal available, you can also get infinite triggers with any other sac outlet, Ashnod's Altar giving infinite colorless Mana, Altar of Dementia giving infinite Mill, or Carrion Feeder getting really big.

  2. Consuming Aberration + Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord : Not much to explain here. Play both and fling the Aberation for tons of damage at your opponent, more often than not killing everyone. While it sounds pretty good, this is incredibly clunky and I mainly use it, if Ghostform got exiled somehow.

  3. Jace, Wielder of Mysteries : Decking yourself with Jace in play is hard, but possible, even without infinite shenanigans. Milling/Drawing tons of cards is mainly doable with Coffers and means to untap them.

  4. Grind: As long as your Graveyard doesn't get hit with repeated hate, Muldrotha is usually able to outgrind most decks late game by recurring stuff like Kokushu or even milling oppenents with Aberration and/or Altar of Dementia.

Looking forward to your thoughts and suggestions <3


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