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Kess, Cartoonish Supervillainy

Commander / EDH* UBR (Grixis)


A cartoonish supervillainy-themed deck. Primary goal is to play splashy villainous things and generally make myself the archenemy. Deck is built using the wizards precon as a skeleton, which isn't quite powerful enough to actually take on the entire world by itself, so will be a long-term goal.


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First update in a long time, since I haven't been playing much EDH recently. This batch actually includes cards I got a while ago, but didn't get around to swapping in.


Baron Von Count, Grusilda, Monster Masher, Phoebe, Head of S.N.E.A.K., - fun to test out, but I think a lot of these are... questionably balanced, and can cause issues. More interesting at the head of a dedicated silver-bordered deck.

The Scorpion God - a bit too expensive and slow. I don't really need a mana sink like it.

Mnemonic Betrayal - could be strong in a cEDH setting, but I don't have the mana to cast that many spells.

Discovery / Dispersal - a bit expensive for a cantrip.

Thrilling Encore - I like the idea, but a bit more expensive than I would like.

Vivid Crag - I'm not a fan of vivid lands.


Order of Midnight - testing. Might not have enough creatures in the deck, but I like the idea of looping it with Kess. Recurring Kess to dodge commander tax is also an option.

Embereth Shieldbreaker - again, testing - recurrable with Kess.

Hostage Taker - a theft effect that feels very on-theme. Time to loot some Sol Rings!

Ignite the Future - card advantage, and fantastic when cast off Kess for cheap.

Quicken - testing. No filtering on it, but flashing stuff out seems good.

Finale of Eternity - kills multiple things for a reasonable price. Mass reanimation is probably not going to be amazing due to the low creature count, but could be interesting.

Massacre Girl - testing, as another board wipe.

Talisman of Creativity - more mana rocks.

Sulfur Falls - better fixing.


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