Violence isn't the answer, it is the question. The answer is Yes.

Follow me through the breakdown on what is a deck that exerts control over the battlefield through various tutors and the pieces they find to support our board of tokens.

Our creatures come together to provide us with synergies in the form of tutors, token generation and making those tokens lethal.

We have five (5) creatures that work as a form of tutor effect to ensure we can find what we are looking for in the right situation and lineup.

Alesha, Who Smiles at Deathfoil is more of a reanimator than a tutor but they are very much in the same vein. Eleven (11) out of our fifteen (15) creatures are recoverable with her attack trigger to add resiliency to their effects with a couple having enter the battlefield triggers.

Goblin Engineerfoil is a mix of tutor and reanimator that is used to put all thirteen (13) of our artifacts into the graveyard. Granted any artifact can go the the grave all of our artifacts are also recoverable with his ability. If we have Biotransferencefoil on the battlefield the range of his abilities increase and we now have an additional fourteen (14) targets to be thrown into the graveyard and twelve (12) of them being recoverable with his ability.

Imperial Recruiterfoil helps us tutor ten (10) out of our fifteen (15) creatures to find us the right piece for the gameplan.

Recruiter of the Guard helps us tutor twelve (12) out of our fifteen (15) creatures to find us the right piece for the gameplan.

Stoneforge Mysticfoil helps us tutor four (4) our of our thiteen (13) artifacts which all have important roles in the form of activated/triggered abilities and evasion to push through damage.

We have three (3) creatures that help us generate a board state with one (1) that turn this generated board state into a force to be reckoned with.

Monastery Mentorfoil is an amazing token generator that makes very powerful tokens as with a turn of a lot of noncreature spellcasting we can have a very large and powerful board. The effect to make tokens triggers off of fifty-one (51) cards.

Sedgemoor Witchfoil generates tokens that also help with potential life problems when they die. She is a little harder to remove since she has ward as well. The effect to make tokens triggers off of thirty-six (36) cards with the chance for additional triggers with Fury Storm, Return the Favorfoil and Wyll's Reversalfoil.

Young Pyromancerfoil also generates tokens but they aren't as flashy as the other two. Left unchecked they can still present a problem in the form of sheer numbers. The effect to make tokens triggers off of thirty-six (36) cards.

Teysa Karlovfoil turns our tokens into life generators as we can attract a lot of attention and if we need to go on the offensive allows us to keep them back as blockers after attacking.

The rest of our creatures serve various utility needs and help further the gameplan but aren't necessary to keep it going.

Delney, Streetwise Lookoutfoil does two things for us, the skulk but not skulk is a cute little effect for our weenies to get through but the real secret comes form the second effect. Ten (10) out of our fifteen (15) creatures now have their triggered effects happen multiple times with a big focus on our token generators.

Dockside Extortionist is just an insane card for such a cheap cost. Quickly turn a game around or jump ahead with piles of treasures.

Eldrazi Displacerfoil is a little unique. This can be used offensively and defensively either to get an enter the battlefield trigger repeated or to blink away an attacker. Something important to note is we only have ten (10) sources that can produce generic mana, so tap wisely.

Esper Sentinelfoil can give us incidental card draw, with our equipment we can assure we get our draw off of noncreature spells easily.

Mari, the Killing Quillfoil is our anti-reanimator tech with the upside of potential card draw later if need be. It is important to note she is not a replacement effect, the creature still hits the graveyard first then is exiled. So death triggers still happen.

Orcish Bowmastersfoil is here to punish people who like to draw too much and to get a little revenge on whoever stole the monarchy from us.

Our artifacts have a focus on helping use fix mana problems with a few utility pieces.

Playing three colors can be a hassle sometimes but we take measures to ensure we get what we need. Eight (8) out of our twelve (12) artifacts have mana fixing in mind.

Chromatic Lantern is very close to an auto include given it provides mana itself and also allows for our lands to be used for whatever colors we need, including our fetches in a pinch.

Talisman of Convictionfoil, Talisman of Hierarchyfoil, and Talisman of Indulgencefoil are mana rocks that are easily playable while still providing our colors on top of being able to be used for generic over our lands. These did replace Battlefield Forge, Caves of Koilos and Sulfurous Springs as they can potentially be played faster.

Our choices in equipment gives us utility as well as evasion so we are prepared for most situations.

Shadowspearfoil has the main focus around the activated ability to allow us to use removal or kill spells for a very cheap and repeatable effect. The keywords it gives go well with our commander with the deathtouch and trample synergy and if we play our cards right those keywords can be shared every combat to also supply us a board of constant lifegain.

Sunforgerfoil IS THE ACTUAL COMMANDER. This card is absolutely wonderful and has as lot of power behind it. Just under one third of our deck can be tutored up by this card's ability. Manage to equip this card and you are sitting on just about any answer you could need in the form of removal, protection or even just shifting the dynamic of the game by altering combat outcomes. It is important to pay attention to what you search up to cast as some of our spells are more suited for different situation maybe due to the modes or what targets it can hit. Additional costs such as kicker can be paid to get even more power out of our spells and now with Spree

Sword of Feast and Faminefoil is mainly here for the effect to untap our lands with a touch of evasion. Having access to our lands two times each turn is a great way to make sure we keep the board under control.

Sword of Forge and Frontierfoil acts as a repeatable ramp spell and also temporarily expands our hand size to give us more options on things to cast.

We run very few of these even though these categories usually hold powerhouses of cards.

Very straightforward in their applications for us, these enchantments help us maintain a board presence to apply pressure.

Biotransferencefoil can trigger twenty eight (28) times off our card selection which is a decent amount. We don't have many ways of recurring these creatures to be cast again outside of our commander but getting a body for casting spells usually feels pretty good. Watch out for the double edged sword of everything being an artifact as we can Goblin Engineerfoil a lot more but we open ourselves to more removal options.

Court of Ardenvalefoil simply acts as recursion, it did replace Sun Titan as it isn't as costly to cast/play and can just be left to it's own devices. It is big to note twenty-five (25) of our permanents (not counting lands) are viable targets. With lands it becomes fifty-five (55).

Court of Emberethfoil is probably the weakest court but also the strongest. The token it generates isn't anything too flashy but as soon as the condition of being the monarch is met we now have an enchantment that can decimate life totals due to our constant token generation.

Court of Locthwainfoil simply gives us more cards to play with namely from out opponents. Having more resources can come in handy as well, and if we manage to cast them for free then that's just great for us.

I like playing at instant speed, but the one sorcery we do run is too good not to.

Demonic Tutorfoil is there as a utility piece as it ensures we can get any one card we need for a certain situation. But primarily you will probably want Sunforgerfoil

If our commander is actually Sunforgerfoil then Crucible of Worldsfoil is the partner commander. Thirty five cards in our deck are castable with Sunforgerfoil and each one of them holds a different purpose. Crucible of Worldsfoil sees strong synergies with our fetch lands and our lands with abilities that sacrificing them is part of the cost.

With our wide variety of instants we find we have an answer for a lot of situations. A big thing of note is spells with additional costs can have those costs paid for when we use Sunforgerfoil for additional effects.

The most important thing to keep in mind when searching for a spell to cast is how versatile is that spell is or if it shares a purpose with another spell. For example Boros Charmfoil makes for a great protection spell against a boardwipe but if that boardwipe is Blasphemous Act you will probably want to cast Comeuppance instead as it will keep your board safe and punish your opponent. Maybe it is even better for your board to die and come back so you case Cosmic Intervention or Faith's Rewardfoil to still take the boardwipe but come back with some enter the battlefield effects.

The same logic as above can apply to removal spells as while they both are able to eliminate creatures, depending on the style of deck your opponents are running, Bedevilfoil and Mortifyfoil can have two different impacts throughout the game.

We have a few utility spells that can give gotcha moments that turn the tide heavily in our favor Chance for Gloryfoil, Fury Storm and Wyll's Reversalfoil maybe with a surprise extra turn or copying your opponents big flashy spell for the win.

In combat some of these spells can shin in the form of making favorable trades, but we can get interesting with some of these spells with our timing. Master Warcraftfoil can be used to turn your opponents combat into yours essentially to eliminate a troublesome boardstate or even troublesome opponent. Settle the Wreckagefoil works as long as the creatures are deemed as attackers to act as protection same. Take the Bait is important to keep an eye on as it can be used on an opponent to make them do your dirty work or even use it during your own combat for an additional combat step to clean house.

The mentality to have is which instant gets me closer to that win.

I stand by the idea that lands are some of the most powerful cards in the game as they are usually some of the hardest to interact with. Our lands have a few secondary effects that fit our gameplan or simply act as utility.

Our landbase is built around the card Field of the Deadfoil as with some proper land management we are now getting a creature for the simplest mechanic in the game.

Fetchlands and our fetchable lands help us with color fixing as long as we pay attention to what colors we need. We have some of the best lands to fetch for in the game with minimal downsides to accomplish this and still have a good pace in the game. Combined with Crucible of Worldsfoil and the above mentioned Field of the Deadfoil we find ourselves generating value multiple times over. Get lucky with a Faith's Rewardfoil for some non-green ramp.

We have a few lands that we need to sacrifice for their effects but are repeatable with Crucible of Worldsfoil. We also have a few lands with activated abilities that don't require a sacrifice but have some big utility behind them such as Mistveil Plainsfoil since it can keep our Sunforgerfoil stocked up or with The Mycosynth Gardensfoil we can have a second one!

We win through three methods and they are all damage based. We have commander damage since our commander is a creature and has haste, we have regular damage since we have a lot of creatures and we have Court of Emberethfoil for the blindside win.

We have the capacity to go infinite in one way and it has a lot of moving parts.

Angel's Gracefoil, Chance for Gloryfoil and Mistveil Plainsfoil are required. Sunforgerfoil and Sword of Feast and Faminefoil are also big players but aren't required.

The basic concept is you use Chance for Gloryfoil to take the extra turn and do whatever you may need, which is generally combat. One the second turn you Angel's Gracefoil so you don't lose, pretty straightforward. We use Mistveil Plainsfoil to put these cards back into our deck so we can repeat this process. Sunforgerfoil is used to cast the spells easily if we have a lot of deck left and Sword of Feast and Faminefoil gives us mana to activate all of our abilities as well as use Mistveil Plainsfoil additional times. This is a very mana intensive combo as we need to meet the conditions to equip and unequip Sunforgerfoil and activate Mistveil Plainsfoil multiple times in a turn for maximum efficiency.

Even with all of this effort we can be met with trouble with Teferi's Protection so we have to do one simple thing Call In a Professionalfoil. By adding this to our loop we can get through to our opponent in the only way we can, commander damage. The life total of our opponent can't change and they have protection which means they can't take damage. With Call In a Professionalfoil we make it so damage can't be prevented which means that even if our opponent won't have their life total change they are still taking damage which in this format commander damage still builds up. So even with a life total that won't change they still take commander damage and after twenty-one (21) they won't ever phase back in.

This describes the whole concept above pretty well.


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