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I want to update this deck list as its from I believe 2012, and want to bring it into the 2016's so please bring suggestions and explain why you believe they are a good choice.

I would like to keep Hanna cause shes pretty boss.

Thank you for your time.

deck list and description beyond this point are Taken from: http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/commander-edh/multiplayer-commander-decklists/215285-hanna-ships-navigator

Every card in the deck synergizes with each other and with themselves, providing some unique and powerful plays that are only possible after hours of play with Hanna.

Hanna is a mid-game combo-control decklist. It's capable of controlling the board for extended periods of time, but nearly always wins in one of its many combo finishes. By virtue of being able to draw resources from the graveyard, Hanna can overcome opponents by sheer amount of card advantage, yet isn't neutered much by graveyard hate.

It's impossible to pick this deck up and instantly know how to proceed in a match. Every situation requires a careful evaluation of what you are capable of doing and what your opponents are capable of doing.

Winning:There are four main combos in this deck, each with infinite variations.

Basalt Monolith + Rings of Brighthearth + Sensei's Divining Top

Not only do you have infinite mana, but you also have the pleasure of being able to draw your deck via Top being copied by Rings.

Basalt Monolith Taps for 3 and uses that mana to untap itself. Using two mana from an outside source you can copy that untap with the rings. In response to that untap, tap it for 3 mana. Tap it for another 3 (6) and untap it with that 3 mana, then copy it with the mana you got from the untap! This nets you +1 Mana per cycle, which gives you infinite. Once you get infinite mana, draw with sensei's top and copy that ability. Top will draw itself back! Repeate to draw the deck.

Play Steel Hellkite and Lightning Greaves. Kill target opponent.

If you have access to a color-generating artifact, including Voltaic Key gets you infinite of that color.

Grim Monolith/Basalt Monolith + Power Artifact

Infinite Mana, once again. Not difficult to understand why it works.

Sun Titan + Dance of Many + Claws of Gix

This one's a little more complex and defenitely harder to assemble as there is no way to tutor for Sun Titan, but it generates 1 Sun Titan and 1 Life for each mana you have available. When you attack next turn, you can also recur a lot of stuff and potentially restart the combo with even more mana available.

If the combo is not instantly obvious, here's a quick rundown.

With Sun Titan in hand or on the field ready to attack and Dance of Many in the Grave.

Play/Attack with Sun Titan. Bring Back Dance of Many. Have Dance Target Sun Titan. With this trigger on the stack, Sacrifice the Dance to Claws of Gix. The Sun Titan token comes into play, targeting the Dance again... and so the loop continues.

But wait, you might say. Dance of Many kills off the token when it dies!

Yes, it does. But by the time the token comes into play the Dance is already gone, and it only effects that particular Sun Titan token. The Last Dance will not effect the first Titan token.

Opalescense + Parallax Tide + Parallax Wave

Hanna's Signature combo and the one that causes the most confusion.

  1. Have an Opalescence, Parallax Tide, and Parallax Wave on the field.
  2. Remove something with Parallax Wave.
  3. Now, because Opalescence makes Parallax Wave a creature, remove itself in response to the 2 trigger. (Since it only exiles a creature)
  4. The Parallax Wave self-removal trigger resolves.It leaves the field and comes back with 5 fresh counters due to its own Leaves the Battlefield trigger.
  5. The original removal return trigger resolves - but wait! The Wave is already gone, and the ability is essentially countered.

That creature is now gone for good. So yes, you can exile every creature on the board with just these two.

But this is just the first mode of the combo - disruption. Hanna's got several highly useful ETB creatures that she can abuse with this. Instead of permanently exiling them, she can just blink them.

Steps 1 and 2 are the same.3. Let the removal trigger resolve!4. Now, have the Wave exile itself and let the Leaves the Battlefield triggers occur. It comes back with 5 fresh counters, and so does the exiled creature. This can result in some insane tricks with Trinket Mage or Sun Titan.

So now we've got two modes - Disruption and Benefit. How does Parallax Tide work into this combo?

In Disruption mode:

  1. Exile 5 Lands. (Note the enchantment doesnt sacrifice until the next upkeep it has zero counters)
  2. In response to exiling those lands, exile it with Parallax Wave.
  3. Those lands are now toast as the fresh Wave and Tide come in.

In Benefit mode:

  1. Exile 5 lands (probably yours)
  2. Let the triggers resolve.
  3. Exile the Tide with Wave and enjoy 5 untapped lands.

In this way, you get infinite mana while screwing with everyone else's boards! If you throw in Oblivion Ring, you can exile non-land/non-creature permanents as well! A win/win!

So, in essence, this combo clears the field of anything not controlled by you. Concessions are quick to come after this hits.


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