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Chulane: Chronicler of the Adventuring Houses

Commander / EDH* Allies Battlecruiser GWU (Bant) Theme/Gimmick Tribal



DISCLAIMER: Arcane Signet will probably replace of of the talismans when it's added. The land base is still in flux.

So I've wanted to try a non-Tazri Ally deck for awhile. It's mainly because setting up a decent 5-color land base hurts my wallet A LOT. Anyway, I liked him enough to want to try him as ally commander. I think if this works well enough I might give this deck a try, but with Yarok.

The main point of the deck is bounce Allies back to your hand using Chulane's second ability. This allows for further fixing, drawing ETB abilities, and protecting the critical members of the deck. Bounce the smaller allies to fuel Rally and Pump effects.

Brago, King Eternal also shows up as the main workhorse of the deck. He allows for more ETB effects, which means more Ally BS. If I had room, I'd probably run some obnoxious combo like Rally the Ancestors + Brago + Blade, but space is tight.

The primary wincon will be my favorite obnoxious combo of all time:

Turntimber Ranger + Halimar Excavator + Arcane Adaptation or Xenograft . I love me a good old fashioned infinite mill out. I'm running a few creature tutors to make sure I can get those two out when I need it. If that doesn't work, then we have Odric, Lunarch Marshal to rally (no pun intended) the BOIS.


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