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All Your Hands Are Belong To Us

Commander / EDH Artifact Control WUB (Esper)



Very commander-centric deck with the main goal to play your opponents' cards.

The main play strategy usually goes like this:play ramp, follow it up by some nice pillows or taxing effects to slow people down and prepare to drop Sen Triplets with at least 1 protection spell available. One turn of her ability should be enough to push you very much ahead as it will cripple one player and use his cards against the other two.

If somehow this fails due to excessive targetting or in the unlikely situation, where nobody has any cards in hand and you still haven't won, you can always make all things balanced as they should be with Teferi's Protection + floating all your mana + Balancing Act.

Budget suggestions appreciated.


Updates Add

Removed all lock combos and their corresponding tutors and added more pillow fort cards and interaction.

P.S. Fear not, those locks will find a new home in the Lavinia deck, that I plan to build. evil laugh


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