Manaless Dredge-inspired EDH deck that runs one mana source, because we don’t have the luxury of multiple better dredgers, and having one mana opens a huge amount of better options. This could be much better if more mana were added, but my criteria for a card is that it must not produce mana. Looking for suggestions to improve the deck while sticking to the concept.


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-Hapless Researcher: Cephalid Breakfast hulk pile just takes too many cards and too much mana to work well. While you can get all the pieces except this guy at once, getting this dude needlessly complicates the combo. The other cephalid breakfast pieces are now to dig through your yard with Reveillark

-Laboratory Maniac: This might be a controversial decision, but so far Lab Man has never been relevant because he requires much more work than the other combos in the deck and is difficult to get out at a point where you couldn't win in a faster way.

+Disciple of the Vault: This is part of a much better Hulk pile that can win without any extra shenanigans

+Lesser Masticore: With Disciple, Vizier of Remedies, Carrion Feeder, and this, you have a winning Hulk pile for 6 mana and half the pieces were already in the deck.


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