This mono-white Angel tribal build attempts to gain victory through evasive beat-down combat. In addition to distributing +1 +1 counters onto our Angels when they enter the battlefield, our Commander helps to cast Angel creature spells ahead of curve through her activated ability. When coupled with various Angel creature-token-producing spells and abilities, our plentiful and powerful chorus of Angels will deliver us victory after victory.

In the following YouTube video, MTG Burgeoning showcases this Giada, Font of Hope Angel tribal deck as it enters into the Burgeoning Commander Catalog:

In the following YouTube video, MTG Burgeoning UPdates & UPgrades this Giada, Font of Hope EDH deck via an appearance on the channel's UP & UP Series:

Archangel of Thune replaces Windshaper Planetar.

The Book of Exalted Deeds replaces Linvala, the Preserver.

Everybody Lives! replaces Eerie Interlude.

Mutavault replaces Snow-Covered Plains.

Faceless Haven replaces Snow-Covered Plains.


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