The theme of this Rakdos deck revolves around Magar of the Magic Strings’ activated ability. There is a swath of powerful instant and sorcery cards in this build. Also present are numerous rummage spells which allow us to discard these instant and sorcery cards into our graveyard, which then serve as targets for Magar’s activated ability. As an additional graveyard-filling avenue, there are spells and effects in the 99 that let us search our library for more instant and sorcery cards to be put directly into the graveyard. In order for our Magar-created creatures to deal combat damage to our opponents with relative ease, other cards are included that provide different forms of evasion. This dynamic allows our creatures to deal combat damage to our opponents easily, which triggers their Magar-gifted abilities and creates copies of the cards themselves for us to cast without paying their mana costs. Through this optimized engine we will control the battlefield and overwhelm our opponents on the path to victory.

In the following YouTube video, MTG Burgeoning deck techs this Magar of the Magic Strings build as it enters into the Burgeoning Commander Catalog:

In the following YouTube video, MTG Burgeoning UPdates & UPgrades this Magar of the Magic Strings EDH deck via an appearance on the channel's UP & UP Series:

Hostile Negotiations replaces Syphon Mind.

Hit the Mother Lode replaces Sorin's Vengeance.

Rise of the Eldrazi replaces Grave Endeavor.

Desecrate Reality replaces Cabal Conditioning.


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