Stasis Snare

Stasis Snare


Flash (You may cast this spell at any time you could cast an instant.)

When Stasis Snare enters the battlefield, exile target creature an opponent controls until Stasis Snare leaves the battlefield. (That creature returns under its owner's control.)

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Stasis Snare Discussion

LinkOpensChest_wav on Yikes! Humans!

2 months ago

I've got some of those in my binder, and I think you're right that I need more removal. Stasis Snare is a great idea, for example. I think I have some other spells like Condemn in my binder, and actually I think I might have a Beast Within too.

Yeah, I need to sit down tonight and figure out what I can cut to add more removal, because you're right.

Do you think I need more board wipes too? The only ones I've got in here are Cleansing Nova and Citywide Bust, but I've got a ton of spare white boardwipes in my collection.

SaberTech on Yikes! Humans!

2 months ago

Glad to help :)

I haven't tried making a human tribal deck, but recent sets have definitely give players some interesting new options to work with so it was a bit fun to see if I could find some budget options to suggest. There's probably a lot more, I was mostly going off of cards that jumped to mind.

I think that you'll see a noticeable improvement in the deck if you work in some more removal though. A lot of decks these days leverage particular cards to make big plays so being able to efficiently interrupt those plays will help improve your win-rate overall. Something like Sundering Growth, for instance, might fit better than similar alternatives since Populate could help you squeeze a little more value out of the card. Oh, and the new Cathar Commando is a card worth picking up multiple copies off to use in decks, especially this one because you can potentially get multiple uses out of it thanks to Sun Titan.

You'll probably want at least 2 more instant-speed creature removal spells as well. Path to Exile would be a good one, but that's pricey for just a piece of removal if you are sticking to a budget. Something like Seal Away or Stasis Snare are less good but might be worth looking at since they are also cards that Sun Titan can get back if they go to the graveyard. Green has some options like Ram Through but they require you to have big enough creatures on the board to be worthwhile, which is a bit iffy for your deck because a lot of your creatures start off smaller. Beast Within is a popular option because it can hit anything but it can be a little pricy depending on what printing you get. It's a card worth shopping around for though because it's always worth having a few copies in your collection as staple commander cards.

Simerix on Just Don't Get Hit

5 months ago

Some cards to cut: Akroan Jailer , Accorder Paladin , Healer's Hawk , Mesa Unicorn , Stone Haven Pilgrim , Story Seeker , Banishing Light , Blind Obedience , Journey to Nowhere , Stasis Snare

If you want an explanation why, lmk. There are a lot more cards I would take out. In general, gaining life and doing nothing else isn't worth your time. There's too much gaining life and not enough synergy

MowMyLawn on Outlast Deck

8 months ago

Hmm, I'm pretty sure Path to Exile isn't legal in Pioneer at the moment, and unfortunately I don't think there are many good replacements, since most of the good removal is in black/green with Fatal Push , Abrupt Decay , Assassin's Trophy , etc. You could try Stasis Snare , Cast Out , or Conclave Tribunal but i don't think there's any great alternative in Green or White.

Destroyerbirb on Controlling the BUDGET

1 year ago

If you're going to run removal in a control deck, run hard removal. Cast Out, Stasis Snare, Declaration in Stone and Blessed Alliance are all good options.

Oloro_Magic on Walking the Eternities

1 year ago

It's coming a long nicely, there is still some work to be done though, I'd cut both Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor and The Wanderer for wrath effects, ideally Supreme Verdict but there are other options such as Settle the Wreckage. Both the aforementioned walkers are very low impact and not particularly relevant ability wise, in other words, they are never going to be cards you are happy about drawing really.

I'm also not sold on a full playset of Quench that feels like it will just come back to hurt you as the game goes into the deeper turns you are more or less designed to dominate in. Instead, while I could see playing a single copy of quench I'd like some form of spot removal: Glass Casket, Declaration in Stone, Seal Away, Stasis Snare, Baffling End, and Detention Sphere all strike me as viable options here.

Finally, the mana needs to be re-worked, yes you are a jeskai deck primarily, but the most important thing you can do turn one in this deck is play Oath of Nissa, as such you want to be able to have access to green mana turn one. Ideally that will take the form of Breeding Pool and Temple Garden but that isn't very budget friendly. Instead, simply adding some basic forests to the deck will go a long way to better equipping the deck to succeed in the long game. With that in mind you may also want to find room for Fabled Passage if you have access to it as some form of mana fixing. Finally I'd cut a plains for a Raugrin Triome, just some additional cover as the game goes on, plus it cycles if you don't need it.

slayingmatt1234 on Karametra, God of Lands and Tokens

1 year ago

Hey, big Karametra fan myself, here's a bunch of great cards for her: Any creature that bounces itself on entry, like Whitemane Lion and Stonecloaker work great. Gives you free lands and triggers when Karametra is out. To go with that, God-Eternal Oketra a great on-creature-cast card out there and is worth getting.

Besides that, just generally having enchantments over other cards that don't give devotion is always good for turning on your theros gods. Having white gives you O-ring effects in Stasis Snare, Cast Out, etc you can use as removal. Green gives you enrampments like Omen of the Hunt and mana doublers. Once you have enough you can even splash some enchantresses like Eidolon of Blossoms to improve consistency. Hope this helps!

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